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团员大会 (:
12/24/2009/ 6:54 PM

It’s a day of baking muffins and making sushi (and of course packed full of fun)!! (:

 SL371749SL371750 Mixing batter

 SL371753 Putting mixed batter onto the muffin paper

 SL371756 Xinmin pouring the remaining batter that are hard to scoop up onto the muffin paper

 SL371757 Tray ready to be put into oven (:

SL371762 Putting sushi rice and ingredients on seaweed sheet

 SL371763 A whole try of cut sushi

SL371766 Xiaorong cutting the cucumbers 

SL371769 The first batch of muffins! (:

 SL371771 More sushi

SL371774 Zhang Yang, our sushi chef!

SL371777 Xiaorong cutting the sushi roll. All knife related jobs are mostly done by her.

 SL371778 Xinmin and Cheery arranging baked muffins in the aluminium tray.

 SL371779SL371784 Sandy and Zhang Yang working today. Sandy’s job is to make the seaweed stick together with the rice vinegar.

 SL371785 The rejected muffins from the first batch that cannot be seen by other people which eventually ends up in our stomach

 SL371786 Muffins from the first batch that are accepted because that are round.

 SL371788 Draining the blueberries from the blueberry juice

 SL371789SL371790 Different hands helping xiaorong with her job. Identify them because I can’t. If I were to guess,  I think it’s Zhang Yang and XInmin. 

SL371791 Oh wait. Proof that Zhang Yang does help.

 SL371796 Zhang Yang was talking to Yulong and started laughing. At the same time, for I dunno what reason, he steps backwards. He didn’t notice there were bamboo poles behind him. Subsequently, he went UNDER the bamboo poles because he was bending down, laughing too hard. He noticed the camera and tried to run by standing straight and turning around at the same time. It failed because his head hits the bamboo and he laughed some more. (:

 SL371797 Xinmin, Cheery and Geraldine checking if the muffins were fully baked.

 SL371798SL371801 Yulong talking out the tray from the oven

 SL371805 Notice the colour difference. The one on the left is white batter while the colour on the right is grey batter! Do not be digusted. This is due to diffusion from the blueberries to the rest of the batter.

 SL371806 Baked muffins! Yum yum.

 SL371811SL371815 Voting for 团花团草! (: There are only 12 slips of paper but 25 votes because we counted in everyone who was absent. I heard that Zhangyang filled up the rest of the dyb votes with the same answer too! That is xinmin’s phone by the way (:

 SL371803 Shifting the freshly baked muffins from the metal things to the aluminium trays. Metal things were used after the deformed first batch to keep the muffins in shape. Only 12 muffins could be baked at the same time.

 SL371816SL371817 SL371818 Shifting not-baked muffins from a smaller tray to a bigger tray. The final batch – no more metal things because we are late. And somebody (xinmin) was careless enough to drop one of them while moving.

 SL371820 Baking in process

SL371829SL371830 I told you we were late. We’re supposed to reach school by 6.

SL371849 The bottom is a box of chocolates xinmin bought for the whole dyb. Those who have not eaten any, can claim from xinmin the next time you see her. Not sure if there is any left though. The top are staples dyb won for winning 3rd prize for our sushi and muffins. Claim those from xinmin too. The top row of the chocolates says DYB (:

SL371865SL371866 This is what the inside of the chocolate box looks like if you haven’t seen them

Ok that’s all. Merry Christmas everybody! (: See you all during chalet (:

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DYB is short for Di Yin Bu, chinese for Lower Strings Ensemble. We are the cellists and bassists of Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Singapore. In 1994, we left the di deng yue zu the String Ensemble (Hus) to form our very own DYB! We are guided by teachers Mdm Tian Ling and Mr Lee Tsu Hock, and conductors Mr TTK and Mr Quek Ling Kiong.

DYBians are known for their lively spirit and close-knit ties. Even after graduating, DYBians still enjoy returning to our many gatherings, and fenzus/shichengs. Here we will introduce the DYBians of '08, and our lovely seniors/alumni!

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