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something to liven up the otherwise completely dead blog
6/18/2009/ 11:38 AM

kind soul that i am, i've decided to invest some of my holiday time (otherwise used to mug/slack) to update the blog with a lot of very very very very very late pictures (don't kill me!)
and this time, instead of extremely humiliating pictures that the others are so obsessed with putting up, im posting nice pictures! :D (how nice of me)

oh, and a very late congratulations to May Ping, on being appointed the new Treasurer of DHSSHCO! (:

good for her, not good for us at the receiving end.

i guess it's financially healthy for the orchestra, having an auntie for treasurer, hahaha.

for example, in the recent first ever CIG (CO Inaugural Games) for year 4 and 5, we, the combined group of DYB + DJY, won 1st prize! (duh, it's dyb leh)
and what do we get for being first, after getting extremely wet in the first game, running like siao around school for 1 hour and getting negative points for that (-240), and crawling around blindly like fools etc etc?

a prize that MAYPING bought, costing if im not wrong around $1.45 plus minus 10 cents [edit] IT'S $1.95, thank you very much for telling me it's 50 cents more than it's worth, i feel so comforted now [/edit] some waffle thingy.
one packet costs approx. 8 CENTS.
after distributing, average person gets 2 packets aka 16 CENTS.

moral of the story is: never get the auntie to buy the prize for any competition in the future.

okay moving on.
here are the pics, earliest from passing down 08.
not including this year chuguo.
(opps i realised i was supposed to post pics for last year gongyan and chuguo, hehe)

this is in reverse chronological order:

This was when the few of us went to watch the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory orchestra 1 week before syf to learn more about tai2 feng1 and how to present ourselves on stage. They were great btw. :D

The board that our dearest seniors did for the Syf batch! :D thank you seniors for all the hard work you've put in to make this for us, and also the older seniors who left messages for us! (:

This is another food demonstration. this was taken during dinner before syf rehearsal at SCH. it was a normal packet of chicken rice, enough for a normal human to eat.

now look at....
This is shilun's chicken rice. compare and contrast please. need i say anything more? we all know shilun's appetite (:

now for gongyan 09 pics....

TLS and Ben Goh! hahaha ben goh looks super excited to take a picture with tl. (:

Some random shot with dyb girls and tl. it was supposed to be the syf batch 09 cello girls pic, but somehow wenyi ended up there.

year 4s bullying xinmin. hahaha. she doesnt mind being bullied though.

DHSCODYB YEAR 4 2009 BATCH PHOTO (without bevie though. she left beforehand)

year 4 girls shot in music atrium while waiting to board the bus.

random shot:
introducing the newest member of the dyb family! Jin Jia from tby decide to transfer over to cello yay! (: he looks super engrossed though. this is the hardworking spirit we hope to see in all DYB-ians! :D

and introducing the bad influences passed on to dyb guys from Joey and Xing Zhong and Samuel:

From ezco camp last year:
charmaine was drawing before we were simply too slack.

cute signboard of diyinbu. haha so cute right! :D

charmaine's portrait of kianming. hahaha.

charmaine's portrait of TLS. er, it's supposed to be cute, right?

us helping to clear up some stuff after ezco one day. look at the pyramid of drinks that shilun has stacked up. (it toppled afterward hahaha)

look at the amount of bread left over. tsk tsk. we tried giving away to lots of random people though.

look at mr lee's bass! haha, he found a green heart shaped balloon and decided to stick to the bass' head. super funny and cute hahaha. (:


1. Read a book. you can always catch up on the twilight series while reading during dazu, as seen here by our model Zhang Yang.

2. Feeling tired from burning midnight oil trying to do last minute homework? Have no fear. Sleep during dazu to regain your energy! Warning: do this only when you're sitting in the last 2 rows. Does not work in the first few rows. If unsure of which sleeping position to employ, consult the picture above, a comfortable sleeping position as shown by our model Yu Long.

Presenting TLS' teacher's day present! Gift does not come with xinmin nor charmaine.
We were at paya macs folding stars until super late! i think there's like 470 stars or something. not sure.

xinmin displaying her violent streak. the cameraman's life was in danger but she still risked it to take the shot. how courageous!

The pretty handmade photoframes the year 3s'08 did for the seniors! we stayed in sch until super late to do it. :D see we're so nice! (hint hint year 3s'09)


okay that's all for the time being. Now, i'm super tired from posting so many pics, and i shall retire for a nap. Zzz.

side pages
DYB is short for Di Yin Bu, chinese for Lower Strings Ensemble. We are the cellists and bassists of Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Singapore. In 1994, we left the di deng yue zu the String Ensemble (Hus) to form our very own DYB! We are guided by teachers Mdm Tian Ling and Mr Lee Tsu Hock, and conductors Mr TTK and Mr Quek Ling Kiong.

DYBians are known for their lively spirit and close-knit ties. Even after graduating, DYBians still enjoy returning to our many gatherings, and fenzus/shichengs. Here we will introduce the DYBians of '08, and our lovely seniors/alumni!

| Boon Xin | Camy | Chang Fang | Eric | Ming Jie | Pamela | Yong Hui |

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| JiaHan | Sheila | Vanessa | XinMin | YanQi | Yu Long | Zhang Yang |


Original photos here. For slide shows, click here.
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