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More entertaining photos
3/22/2009/ 1:27 PM

DYB guys with no childhood playing the most difficult game of basketball at the back of the bus.

Batch photo HAHAHA.

Charmaine! And an extra Shi Lun.

Random group photo with some random fruits.

Photo looks wrong, like someone's looking at Yu Long in the wrong way.

Cute toilet paper! :D
Shilun is giving Vanessa the se bei bei look! Always knew that he was up to no good tsk.

Evidence that Yue Heng sleeps!

JY with an unglam facial expression.

Shilun acting cute while gambling.

More sleeping beauties
3/20/2009/ 8:24 PM
xiaorong seems to be sleeping whenever she has the chance to.

actually, just like any of them, xinmin sleeps too.
kianming looks as though he got lack of oxygen. hehe
actually i used to have pictures of zhangyang sleeping, but i think that he got hold of my camera, and deleted the not so glam photos.
It seems as though that there's another couple in DYB :D
oh and through this trip we realised that yueheng likes guys from the aged age group

Sleeping Beauties
/ 10:13 AM

Lee Li Ping is not really a beauty, but OH WELL, she IS sleeping.

Xiao Rong sleeping, with Shi Lun playing Pokemon in the background.

Samuel and Kian Ming sleeping in the background, heads tilt at the same angle.

Xiao Zhou doing homework till she fell asleep. She doensn't look like she's sleeping here though.

Zhang Yang was feeling cold, so he stuck his hands into his shirt while he was sleeping. So he looks like he has no hands here.

Zhang Yang kissing the chair as he sleeps.

First time JY doensnt look so unglam while sleeping.

Jia Han looks scary here.

Yu Long is smiling o.O He can actually look innocent when he is not awake.

Another sleeping Zhang Yang.

Closeup on Yu Long's butt.

Closeup on Zhang Yang's butt.

Picture of both butts.

Lastly, Zhang Yang's sexy sleeping pose!

3/12/2009/ 2:13 PM
i shall continue from last time..
某某:why are you so white?
mp: cos i am snow white

某某某:hanyin, why did ppl call you chio bu?
hanyin: because i am chio marh

jy 大头症 之2
one day... xinmin don't know how to 揉弦
jy said: come i teach you
jy picked up xinmin's cello and started 揉 ing
me ti la ti me so
*jy smiles*
jy: see so nice!
-to be continued-

= =
3/08/2009/ 9:01 PM
lahlah...okay...this suppose to be the passing down present...but due to the lack of stories...i decided to post here~heyhey...
and...it was done by me and jiahan last year...and thanks to someone who made me remember last nite~haha...
here it is...
1st up...
DYB 生活
VJCInterval of 维琴海韵Joey 搬ing 椅子
JH:why does Joey seems so short?

XM: do you think JY is tall?

lahlah...i bet a number of u noe abt this le...
next up....
JY 调音 for someone's cello(without 调音器)then...she picks up a 调音器...play...she smiles...

"my 音准 so good lor! see! all green leh!"

due to time constrain...i shall stop here and post next time...

3/01/2009/ 7:14 PM

加油! :)

Hope we'll all enjoy playing music on concert day! My favourite songs are officially 茉莉花 and 西北族曲. I don't really like 绣金匾 and I think I really really like 茉莉花. 东海渔歌 is quite nice too.

Yay! :)

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DYB is short for Di Yin Bu, chinese for Lower Strings Ensemble. We are the cellists and bassists of Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Singapore. In 1994, we left the di deng yue zu the String Ensemble (Hus) to form our very own DYB! We are guided by teachers Mdm Tian Ling and Mr Lee Tsu Hock, and conductors Mr TTK and Mr Quek Ling Kiong.

DYBians are known for their lively spirit and close-knit ties. Even after graduating, DYBians still enjoy returning to our many gatherings, and fenzus/shichengs. Here we will introduce the DYBians of '08, and our lovely seniors/alumni!

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