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DYB cleaned the CO room! :D
6/27/2008/ 8:11 PM
did you all notice tht the co room is much much cleaner now? i bet you all did. cause..

DYB cleaned up the CO room on monday after fenzu! :D

and now, the CO room is clean, all thanks to xiaorong, charmaine, yueheng, and xinmin. we got a little help from jiayu too! haha

xiaorong and xinmin clean-ed up he djy, dyb, and guanyue area, while charmaine and yueheng cleaned the tby and the guanyue area :D

while we were all working hard, trying to keep the co room clean, our dear kianming was standing at the djy area, trying to keep up with the rest of the djy people. however, he failed to do so. instead of volunteering his help, he continued to stand at the djy area, and all he did was to stand there and smile.

but, jiayu came to he rescue! he emptied the two bins for us. so nice right! haha.

so now, the co room is super clean, thanks to charmaine, xiaorong, yueheng, xinmin, and jiayu! :D

i bet JY is super proud of us. :D


The preview of things to come...
6/13/2008/ 9:49 PM
I know everyone cant wait for the gongyan/chuguo pics, but please wait patiently. XD
for gongyan, i have to do a little chang2wen2suo1duan3 before i can post and for chuguo...
i have to wait for shilun to send finish all the chuguo pics (-.-)
but now i have decided to post something that happened quite some time ago and is pretty hilarious! :D

in 3C'08, there was a girl called Kimberley. (it's ok if you dont know who she is)
she sits beside a girl from dyb called xiaorong (:
during maths lesson where everyone sleeps/talks/daydream (just not paying attention at all to the lousy teacher), xiaorong and kimberley talks about their ccas!
through many periods of maths lessons, they get to know about each other's ccas and the ppl inside as well. (as well as phone raids into xiaorong's phone -.-)
so kimberley began to gain interest in a guy from xiaorong's cca, called JOEY. (:
she was so crazy over him that she went to gongyan just to see what he looks like in real life and could not stop gushing over him.

imagine this:
xiaorong (XR) walks into class.
kimberley (K) is alr in class.
K: eh XR! i went for your co concert!
XR: oh really?
XR: -.-
..and so on.

one day, kimberley decides to display her artistic ability and drew a picture of joey in class!
(in order to see the rate of accuracy in the drawing, enclosed with it is a real picture of joey)

this is the real joey.

Kimberley's interpretation of joey.
(stop laughing at how accurate the interpretation is)

xiaorong, afterwards, decide to join in the artistic gallery and came out with:

i know that it is super artistic, dont have to praise me for it. (:
haha. so that is one interesting incident that happened. XD
which reminds me of another funny conversation that happened between me and xinmin.
XR: did you get the look of that vincent photo on the canteen pillar?
XM: huh, where got?
XR: that one lah, that they took of vincent when he is playing xin1chun1le4.
XM: OOOOHHHHH that is vincent ah, i thought it was Joey!

does vincent and joey look alike?
extremely challenging IQ question: can you identify who is who in the picture above?

6/06/2008/ 9:19 PM
I shall take the initiative and update this blog :)

Btw my birthday just passed *ahem*

I shall be kind and accept belated gifts.


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