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Photo gallery of Xiao Rong's favourite topic
12/31/2007/ 5:58 PM
Supposedly hardworking:

Sleeping on one another:

This is bad...

Sleeping together...

/ 4:10 PM
hello! :D
charmaine the great's first post here :)

This is Xiao Rong deep in thoughts, watching the xzy video:

This is Kian Ming below. He very cute right. Haha.

This is Xiao Rong wiping her tears away. She was too touched and amazed at my beauty.

And this is me! :)

This is us tearing the old CO tee apart during spring cleaning, even though it should be winter cleaning now, haha. 拔萝卜!

This is Hanyin, a nice senior if she doesn't talk hehe.

My seniors Hanyin and Mayping arranging the chair for dazu. Please don't ask why I'm not arranging haha.

Yay, dyb is the earliest! :)

Closeup of then arranging:

DYB! Jy scratched this on the ground. How can she vandalise? Haha.

Mayping is a pig! Hehe :D

Hanyin says: "Wah the CO room window is so clean! Normally you can't even see through them."
Mayping: "Cause there're curtains there normally" =.=

Samuel's money! A total of $54.70, he is one rich guy. We went to arrange his money according to year after that. So fun! :D

把布掀开!:D Guess what's underneath the cloth?

It's Shaoyu! Haha, Hanyin must be very happy that this picture is here.

Now for CHALET TIME! :)
This is the cake that tian lao shi bought for us! Super nice. But a senior called Eric accidentally stepped on Xiao Zhou's cake so I offered her mine but she didn't want so I ate it all up. Yum yum.
This is a christmas tree! Haha looks like right? But its actually Joey at the top and me and Xiao Rong at the bottom. It was 3am.
Xiao Rong being demure, awww:
Me laughing at xiaorong:

Yue Heng:

Three bottles of drinks. Joey drank the left one and became a little drunk. He couldnt think straight and his eyes and face turned as red as Shaoyu's cello. Hongbin drank the other two and his teeth turned so black it looked as if he were wearing braces.
During the bbq, Joey was playing with fire.
The watermelon that me, JY, Janice and Joey ate together. Xiao Rong drank all the juice that contained our saliva. Wahaha. I didn't tell her that I added an extra ingredient too. Hehe.
Jy and Mayping comparing their skin colour. Apparently, Mayping is lighter than Jy. And Jy is not even 40kg. Mayping must be really light! :)

Haha must get going now.
Byes! :D

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DYB is short for Di Yin Bu, chinese for Lower Strings Ensemble. We are the cellists and bassists of Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Singapore. In 1994, we left the di deng yue zu the String Ensemble (Hus) to form our very own DYB! We are guided by teachers Mdm Tian Ling and Mr Lee Tsu Hock, and conductors Mr TTK and Mr Quek Ling Kiong.

DYBians are known for their lively spirit and close-knit ties. Even after graduating, DYBians still enjoy returning to our many gatherings, and fenzus/shichengs. Here we will introduce the DYBians of '08, and our lovely seniors/alumni!

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Original photos here. For slide shows, click here.
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