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7/14/2007/ 12:02 AM
yay! dyb cleaned up the entire CO room today!


7/08/2007/ 3:48 PM

Mayping keep quiet and stop being so obssessed with me.
You and your Jimmy Neutron.


Ps. And you forgot to add an exclaimation mark behind my name in the previous post attempting to impersonate me.

Pss. Try harder next time.



/ 3:10 PM
JY the new zuzhang too shy to blog about herself, so the chiobu shall do it!

Anyway JY, since youre the zuzhang...
When we're hungry must buy us food.
When we're thirsty must buy us drink

And most importantly, you must stop Samuel from flirting with other girls! Argh he is getting more and more handsome nowadays so I bet other girls will try to stick up to him. This is a very important task as it concerns my future ok!

I love Samuel!
I love Kianming, Shaoyu, Jiayao, Daniel, Wu Zheng Wei, Jimmy Neutron, Ostrich, Jiayu etc etc except for Yigeng cos I don't want to fight with Cally.

I'm bad :( I step on too many boats at one go. I'm a bad girl. Why am I so bad? Beats me.

Ouch Ouch.


7/02/2007/ 2:24 PM

I'm hungry! :(
(Ok Hanyin, this is something decent.)

Cello & Bass jokes
7/01/2007/ 10:04 PM
I still don't feel any remorse.

Well anyways, just to try revive this blog, I present you with some cello and bass jokes I got from the net.

Most of them are pretty offensive to cellists and bassists anyway. So take everything with a pinch of sugar.


Starting from the cello jokes!

Got the jokes from http://www.cello.org/heaven/silly/jokes.htm.

It says "These jokes may cheer you up on a day when you hate your cello, and wonder why you ever tried to be a cellist. Everyone has a day like that from time to time. May they be few and far between!"

Here goes...

Q: Why are cellos so large?
A: It's an optical illusion. It's not that the cellos are large; just that the cello players' heads are so small.

Q: A conductor and a cellist are standing in the middle of the road. Which one do you run over first, and why?
A: The conductor. Business before pleasure.

Q: Why is a cello solo like a bomb?
A: By the time you hear it, it's too late to do anything about it.

Q: Why do so many people take an instant dislike to the cello?
A: It saves time.

Q: What's the difference between a washing machine and a cellist?
A: Vibrato.

Q: What's the difference between a violin and a cello?
A1: The cello burns longer.
A2: The cello holds more beer.
A3: You can tune the violin.

Q: How is lightning like a cellist's fingers?
A: Neither one strikes in the same place twice.

Q: What's the latest crime wave in New York City?
A: Drive-by cello recitals.

Q: Did you hear about the cellist who played in tune?
A: Neither did I.

Q: Why is a cello larger than a violin?
A: It's not - the violinist's head is bigger.

A cello player decides that he's had enough of being a cello player -- unappreciated, all those silly jokes. So he decides to change instruments.

He goes into a shop, and says, "I want to buy a violin."

The man behind the counter looks at him for a moment, and then says, "You must be a cello player."
The cello player is astonished, and says, "Well, yes, I am. But how did you know?"

"Well, sir, this is a fish-and-chip shop."

A noted bon vivant and comic was recently flying to Berlin. He decided to strike up a conversation with his seat mate.

"I've got a great cellist joke. Would you like to hear it?"
"I should let you know first that I am a cellist".

"That's OK. I'll tell it real slow!"

One day Timmy came home from school very excited. "Mommy, Mommy, Guess what? Today in English I got all the way to the end of the alphabet, and everyone else got messed up around 'P'!"
His mother said, "Very good, dear. That's because you're a cellist."

The next day, Timmy was even more excited. "Mommy, Mommy, guess what! Today in math I counted all the way to ten, but everyone else got messed up around seven!"
"Very good, dear," his mother replied. "That's because you're a cellist."

On the third day, Timmy was beside himself. "Mommy, Mommy, today we measured ourselves and I'm the tallest one in my class! Is that because I'm a cellist?"

"No dear," she said. "That's because you're 26 years old."


Now for the bass jokes! http://www.eden-electronics.com/funstuff/bassjokestext.htm

Q: What's the difference between a bass and an onion?
A: Nobody cries when you chop up a bass.

Q:How does a bassist's brain cell die?
A: Alone.

Q: Why are upright basses like elderly parents?
A: Both are unforgiving and hard to get into and out of cars.

Q:How are a bass solo and a blind javelin thrower alike?
A:Both command immediate attention, alarm, and force everyone to move out of range.

After years of hiding the fact that the love is gone, the last child moves out of the house and Mom and Dad announce they're getting a divorce.

The kids are distraught and hire a marriage counselor as a last resort at keeping their parents together.The counselor works for hours, tries all of his methods, but the couple still won't talk to each other.

Finally, he goes over to a closet, brings out a beautiful upright bass and begins to play.

After a minute or so, the couple starts talking and they discover that they're not actually that far apart and decide to give their marriage another try.

The kids are amazed and ask the counselor how he managed to do it.

He replies,"I've never seen a couple that wouldn't talk through a bass solo."

Bandleader, to auditioning bass player: Tell me about your best gig.
Bass player: They clapped so hard, they almost broke their handcuffs.

Just before rehearsal is about to start on the Orchestra's "Bring Your Child to Work Day," the conductor is horrified to see the bass player hitting one of the children.

"You can't do that!" he yells. "Why are you hitting him?"

"He slackened one of my strings" replies the bass player.

"No problem," says the conductor. "Just tune the string up again."

"I can't!" screams the bass player. "He won't tell me which one."


Anyways, you might want to visit http://www.celloheaven.com/ if you have any questions and stuff about your cello 'cause it's a forum for cellists.


Hopefully you all will get so offended with the jokes that you'll come back and post something decent.



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