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Money money money where are you~
4/22/2007/ 5:33 PM
Wheeeee, :D

JY and I are studying chem tomorrow after zhaoji, which, IS RIGHT BESIDE MY CLASS HAHAHA, if message is correct.
Anybody else want to study? :)

HANYIN- you owe me $2, which can buy me one plate of chicken rice.
CALLY- you owe me $8, which can buy me three plates of chicken rice.

Altogether, I can buy FOUR plates of chicken rice!
So return me my money! $.$


4/20/2007/ 6:00 PM
Okay okay I know this is like exactly one week late, but I'll give an extremely short post about the DYB outing last Friday since no one did as I expected they would.

Just some photos!

Mayping, JY, Samuel and me bought Guanyang his extremely belated birthday present from Daiso, the wonderful $2 store.

We got rabbit ears and a heart shaped box. So worth can!

And Guanyang was like so excited over the rabbit ears that you can see that his face is all red with excitement.

Okay okay. Actually his face is red 'cause he was so embarrassed that I forced him to take a photo with the rabbit ears on in the mrt station.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Guanyang!

Samuel and JY you both owe me $1 each.

And Mayping you owe me $2.20 and a living.

Haha. I suddenly feel rich after being broke for days!

4/11/2007/ 6:44 PM
Since after Sports Meet they'll be dropping us off at Jurong Point, I did some research on the food places there!

See Guanyang, I'm nice.

So you better organize something for after the Sports Meet. If not I go Sports Meet for what!

Andersen's of Denmark Ice cream
6898 5052

Banquet Foodcourt
6861 9864

Bee Cheng Hiang
6790 0900

Bengawan Solo
6795 3600

Bento Box
6790 8587

Billy Bombers
6795 7690

Billy Bombers
6796 7690

Bistro Delifrance
6792 9710

6862 4464

Cool Station
6861 8757

Crystal Jade Kitchen
6397 0060

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
6790 2212

Famous Amos
6794 3983

Fiesta Japanese Restaurant
6793 5937

Fish & Co
6898 4248


6790 8327

6793 5501

Kopitiam Foodcourt
6896 8114

Lai Lai Kitchen

Long John Silver's
6793 5768

6793 5481

Mos Burger
6397 1183

Old Chang Kee
6792 0795

6795 8998

Pizza Hut
6790 7146

Polar Puffs
6793 1316

Prima Deli
6792 2866


Siam Kitchen
6794 1588

Soup Restaurant
6790 7797

Special D

6795 5265

Sweet Talk


6792 9418

Tong Heng

The Pizza Place
6793 4481

6794 1534


Go jurongpoint.com.sg for more info and the links.

ORGANIZE QUICK! My class is going to be next to yours and Mayping's is directly above me.

Mayping and me will kill you on that day if you haven't even started organizing!

Guanyang's birthday note
4/08/2007/ 6:44 PM

Birthday note to Guanyang in MALAYSIA after his cello's end pin coudn't be pulled out and he had the tragedy of sleeping with Samuel and Keewei lying on his shoulders and he got screamed at early in the morning and he lost his card then maybe can't come back to Singapore blah blah.
Then being such NICE, WONDERFUL juniors who were broke, we wrote him such a touching note that HE CRIED! Okay fine we forced him to cry.


4/06/2007/ 10:17 PM
afternoon tea sounds so high class!

Ok anyway, details are not confirmed yet because they are left for GUANYANG to confirm. But anyway, bring loads of MONEY because..

Junwen: Can we not go food court and go some high class restaurant and then everyone will see us eating in some high class restaurant when they walk past!



4/03/2007/ 4:10 PM

Go watch.

It's the announcing of DHSCO's syf results and the 5 schools before us.

Many thanks to Kueifu!

The screaming was so loud and the camera was shaking like crazy when our results were announced!

Must go take a look!

Makes me feel so happpppppyyyyyyy.


/ 11:41 AM
Hey fellow DYBians!..your dearest zuzhang Guanyang is here to blog again!..haha..verry happy rite?..

Anyway..i really want to tell all sec4s and sec3s that..I'M REALLY PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!..

You all really made great improvements over a constricted time..and best of all is that i believed you all gave in 101% of what you all are capable of on stage..i know cause the yin zhun of cellos and basses coming in with the conductor was perfect..it was a real great experience to be up there with all of you..and a real great experience to know that all that hardwork did not go to waste..

Well..Gold with Honours with us for 2 more years..but i hope the sec3s you all will be consistent with your practice of your instruments..sec4s are leaving soon..and the stage is set for you all..go up there and bring DYB back to the best yuezu!..

Your zuzhang here admits that he did not do much things for you all..hopefully you all dun blame him..haha..but also hopefully you all will continue to do your best..

Sec4s are turning into alumni soon..i dno how many of them will be coming back..but i definitely will be coming back to help you all!..anyway it is in all your hands to bring up the next batch that will help us to keep the gold with honours for yet another 2 years..

So..heat of SYF is over..but do no slack!..prepare for any next event coming up..make sure you all will be the best in terms of skills.attitude and GAN JUE!..yes..so jia you for wadeva you all do!..


4/02/2007/ 10:21 PM

Just so proud of DHSCO.

I'm happy and content.

And although my band classmate says "Congrats CO on getting Gold with Honours... You're sharing the title with the BAND."

He can go to hell.

I don't care what he thinks.

The main point is we got Gold. with. Honours.

Just so happy for all of us.

Feeling very tired now.
So gonna fail maths common test tomorrow.

And Guanyang if you're reading this, tell Weicheng I NEED HIS CALCULATOR!

It's a lucky calculator 'cause I could do all the questions yesterday and I couldn't do any today!

My maths is before recess the 3rd period.


I shall spam your phone if you don't get it from him before school!

Bring it to flag raising!



/ 9:21 PM
haha, feel so proud

so many pple praised me can, even jy!

i shall continue to play my best and prac more,
and nothing is impossible if u BELIEVE!

i must be ling zou!!!!

(dont worry shao yu, i will choose a nice building for u!) (:

congrats to DHSCO on its Gold with Honours. we will continue to scale greater heights

haha. we made this miracle for us to be proud of, and for others to see!



SYF 2007
/ 4:30 PM
All hail King Vincent!

Hey hey! Its one an a half hours to results for SYF. Just wanted to drop by to say you guys did great today. The movement was quite impressive from the last time i saw you guys, so great job! *nods head encouragingly*

Whatever the result- Gold with Honours or not- hope you guys will know that you have put in your best effort and thats what matters.

4/01/2007/ 8:04 PM
Eh the snow fairy want to blog too.


eh what huh JY and Hanyin. This is so unfair. Of course Samuel improve the most lar huh. He had the largest space for improvement what. This is so unfair! I don't care I must win Samuel roar!

anyway, I want to post the very inspiring sms that was being passed around CO these few days. I think it really brings alot of ganjue in jusong when you think of it! :)

"You all know something? I think I finally understand why jusong is our SYF song. Jusong is about qu yuan's optimism and aspiration for the future despite all the set backs. Doesn't that remind you of us? A song of hope for an orchestra created with hope."

So nice right? Haha of course lar, I say nice that means nice. I don't care!

And today...

Zhiying: Aiyo, why this part the re you all always not zhun one!
Me: Oh my gosh I suddenly realise that I have never played this note zhun before.
Zhiying: Its ok, repeat this part again.
Me: -plays and it was SO ZHUN!- Oh my gosh, I'm so zhun!
Me: -keeps playing and its keeps being zhun and I suddenly realised that I was also quite zhun last time haha-

Zhiying: Hanyin, your turn.
Hanyin: -plays that part and it was so NOT ZHUN-
Hanyin: I have never been zhun for this part before. My yinzhun is terrible. I suck I suck I suck the most. I'm terrible and my rhythm all out, no gan jue at all. I suck I suck.
Hanyin: -plays and it was ZHUN!- This method is quite effective in helping us in our playing. Ooh hoo hoo I suck I suck!

So I think she will be demoralising herself before we go upstage. Never mind, its ok. Some people are just so mentally unstable.

Lastly, jiayou jiayou jiayou! The snow fairy will shower everyone with luck! HAHA IM FEELING SO HIGH NOW. I HAVE BEEN FEELING HIGH AND GREEDY NOWADAYS.


-snow fairy (HAHA)

/ 7:27 PM
SYF tomorrow!! so after reading all the posts, i suddenly feel so guilty that i seldom talk in here, so TA-DAH!! i rarely post here, so must be touched ok! haha.

EVERYBODY JIAYOU FOR TOMORROW!!! i believe that we can do it! we will continue being the legendary DHSCO, we will be the wonder, the miracle of DHSCO!!

after all these 7-day weeks of hardwork, sweat, and tears put in for SYF, i dont believe we'll fail, or at least fall to such a bad extent. heh.. but anyway, just put in all our feelings for that day and play our hearts out, we can make miracles!! whoo!!

and ok, i shall take this moment to be nice to samuel for once.
since he doesnt come here often, and since i dont want to say this in front of him (cos i'm afraid his head will blow up so big it'll fall off his neck, lol), i shall announce it to the world here (:

i think that samuel has improved ALOT. ok, THE MOST.
see i so nice right. haha.

aiya, on the whole, i'm sure the entire dyb is very proud of him right now, and i think he's the greatest miracle so far lah. haha.

omg, i'm so good at praising. haha.

kk, i need to go eat dinner now, but JIAYOU!!!! you dont want all our efforts to go to waste and scoldings that we went through all for nothing.

oh btw, who want to go eat dinner with me after SYF if we get goldwwithhonours tomorrow??!

/ 6:38 PM
All hail Vincent! *more handsome than samuel*. I am Back=)

Hello hello!!
shocked to see me blogging i guess? Ha.. I am kinda shocked myself..

So.. tmr is the big day huh.. *lets out a loud guffaw with hands akimbo*
Have been really busy these past few weeks and i really wanted to go back but just couldn't find the time to! Don't worry I still LOVE you guys=)

My advice? Be confident tomorrow but not over confident. know that you all have practiced so hard and succumbing to the jitters won't make life good. lets slash all the jitters to DEATH! *swings his samurai sword endlessly at jitters*

Also, I have learnt that settling down and thinking through mentally before the competition really helps. So as far as possible, pls settle down and not be noisy whenever you have the time tmr(whether in the bus or over at sch)! The situation tmr will be kinda chaotic and fast. So do have some mental preparation of what is to come.

Finally, in VJ, the culture is very westernised. So people like us who helm from the oh-so-cheenah Dunman are labelled cheenah! So..
perfrom your best and play your hearts out=)
I'll be there to root for all of you.

All the best!

SYF 2007 - Important Points
/ 2:25 PM
Hey all fellow dybians..today is the last day before our SYF..so here are all the points that i will want you all to take note of for the compeitition(more like performance)..please do not make any mistakes! =)

As it will surely be a day probably full of mishaps happening and small things suddenly popping up..i will want every of the small little things stated here done by before flag-raising..

Firstly..the Xian Xiang..
I will need JUNWEN to make sure that there are atleast 8 A Strings and 8 D strings inside the box..other srings nvm..also makesure that there will be atleast 3 Tuners too..followed by 3 Tuners Inputs which i will put in tml..have geneve to assist you should you need it.. =)

Secondly..the Basses..
I will need JIAYAO to have all the basses tuned and put in their taos..no more jias..make sure your juniors took bows and the stoppers with them..you will have to lead them tml..have 2 basses up on each bus..have shaoyu to assist you should you need it =)

Then..to Everyone..
Make sure that all your cellos and basses are in good conditions..attire for tml will be LONG SLEEVE WHITE SHIRT with your SCHOOL BADGE AND CO BADGE on..LONG PANTS..BLACK SOCKS/STOCKINGS AND BLACK SHOES/COURT SHOES..RED TIE will be given to you all tml..and NO NEED BLAZER!..make sure that all of you look tidy especialy girl's hair like cally..
You all will also have to take your own ANCHORS/STOPPERS tml so do not forget..
Please be on your best behaviour tml too..as i said tml will be a uptight say..so i'll need all your co-operation..do not keep talking among yourselves and stay quiet..i do not want to see you all talking on the bus..at SCH or whatsoever..SCH will have other school's CO there..make sure you create the impact and image that DHSCO is self-disciplined..after the performance i will also want you all to queue up outside at the lobby immediately..queue up the way how u all prepare to go up on stage..I DO NOT WANT ANY NOISE..so make sure you all know what to do tml..
On the stage please try to ALWAYS look up as it look VERY AWFUL from the audience view went you look down on your cello or bass..and also sit straight..do not sloutch..once you're on the stage..shift your chairs with mine..put down your anchors..and sit down straight with confidence..DO NOT MAKE TOO MUCH NOISE..remember..this is the impact..

Just one more day to SYF..do not take it as a compeitition..no..it is a performance..give in your best..remember all the important parts of the pieces..remember to give in your 101% gan jue on stage(of course the CORRECT gan jue)..i will want you all to walk up the stage confidently..confident that the Gold with Honours is ours to take..not ours to lose too..it all depends on all of you..give out the radiance ofconfidenceand of course your skills..i hope that your skills and gan jue will be ULTRA good tml..make the miracle..you all can do it..

Remember..Gold with honours do not drop down from the skies..So do MIRACLES..you have to MAKE them..and THEY WILL BE YOURS..good luck!..give me your best tml..


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