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3/31/2007/ 10:27 PM
i was so touched by cindy's post so i decided to post!! haha..

well.. basiCALLY.. i will just wanna say what i thought about this period of time la..

this period of time.. i learn a lot of things.. mayb stuff i wont be able to know or learn in my life.. i get to witness 80 ppl thrown together and to work hard for a common purpose.. and that's to continue the legend of DHSCO..

this period of time is quite tough for us to go through.. so many practices.. so many dazus, fenzus.. jusong and wind crescenti were revolving around us.. and in less than two days.. we might not be practicing anymore..

i feel happy and sad at the same time..

happy because we improved as an orchestra and sad because.. well.. because syf will be over soon..

i enjoyed practicing together.. laugh at some mistakes we made.. being serious when we had to.. moving together when we play.. and blah blah blah..

after syf, the sec 4s will be alumnis.. the sec 3s will be seniors.. its all happening so fast..

i am gonna miss the time when we work together for a common goal (quote from chiobu)

after syf.. wad will we work together for? the next gongyan?


i enjoyed the times i had in dhsco.. i love dhsco!!!!!

lets all work together! put in our heart and soul! our 100%!

AND CHIONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/ 8:22 PM
I'm feeling super motivated and confident now.

Chiobus are always confident, 'cause confidence starts with a C.


Not over confidence mind you.

Well anyway, I've been feeling very proud of Samuel these two weeks.

Eh Samuel I got praise you in front of tls okay!

And tls says you've grown up.

You got hope to be lingzou le!

Anyways, the start of me feeling proud of Samuel was when he was sitting next to me when Mayping went for BP.

He was saying he practised the same few bars of jiankuai 50++ times the night before.

Then after that when he got one or two notes wrong and I corrected him, he was so willing to learn! He was like, "Is it like this? Correct?"

I was so touched can.

I'm not being sarcastic. Seriously.

Then for the next few days he came so early before school and practised with me!

I'm soooo proud of him.

Don't know why, I feel like thanking him.

Thanks Samuel!


My eyes are shining with love for DHSCO!
And Johnson too.
Just kidding!
Actually I did this when we were doing the EAS day cards.
A legend we call our own!

3/30/2007/ 10:34 PM
I think Samuel needs someone to praise him now and then.. and that people should stop looking down on him anymore because he is quite talented except that hes super lazy and he doesn't move. And he improved tremendously recently. His yin is really quite good now just that his rhythm got problem one haha.


MAYPING! said:
what you doing now
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
scolding samuel
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
i refuse to tell him he improved
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
i'm bein ap
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:

unlike dear JY.

MAYPING! says:
... i expect its quite a routine now for you two to be quarelling haha.
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
its very fun

a few minutes later...

Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
Believe in the miracle. Believe in us. says:
i'm like praising him now

these two people. tsk.


3/27/2007/ 8:43 PM
hey everyone! all the best for your coming SYF!

do remember, be fully prepared and settled down before you go on stage. this means knowing where your anchors/files/bows/extra tuners etc are, knowing exactly when it's your turn to go up on stage, which hand to carry your cello and which hand to carry your file. if you need to, put reinforcement rings on your scores, make sure all the fingering and bowing are clearly written. even little things like deciding to unbutton blazer on stage, or tuning the bei qin must prepare early before hand.

i believe all of you have practiced hard, and you're gonna do us proud. at this jing ji de guan tou, it's the little things that will give that added boost of confidence! not to mention your seniors will be heading down to SCH to support, so all the best k!

keep the dhsco spirit alive and burning!


/ 8:05 PM
I hope you got enough motivation staring at my lovely face!

I'm such an unfortunate kid 'cause I have Mayping for a friend. Haiz.

Just kidding!

I shall try to put something more encouraging over here.

Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you. -William James

Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. And don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines. -Leroy Paige

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them. -George Bernard Shaw

The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply. -Denis Whitley

It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts. -Robert H. Schuller

Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss. -Doug Williams

Anyway, just a teeny reminder.

Please remember to look at the lingzou (Guanyang) before the start of any section we're about to play. Only when he puts his bow on the strings then should we do the same.

'Cause everytime I sit at the back I see everyone's bow on the strings at entirely different times.

For SYF, presentation is 10%! (according to my sis)

She was the leading batch in AHS Band who got their first GoldwHons. That may not sound too great but it is when your band has been getting silvers and etc all through!

I want to be like her! Haha.

Anyway, my beloved sister says,

Whatever you do, just stare at your conductor.


Never, never, never, never give up!


Giving you morals.
3/26/2007/ 8:21 PM
We must have a chim post too.

Living in this world, I have come to realised that I am a lot luckier than many other kids of my age. There are children who are starving everyday, there are children hoping so much for a proper education. There are unfortunate kids like:

So, the moral of this paragraph is to tell you all to CHERISH YOU LIVES!

Isint it SO touching! -sobs-

3/25/2007/ 7:17 AM
There's something wrong with the tagboard and links and such.

Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't.

Isit the problem with my comp?

3/23/2007/ 8:07 PM

Don't you think that guy on the right looks like Samuel?!

Anyway, Samuel was being narcissistic during dazu again today.

Samuel: Do you know why I choose to play cello?

Hanyin: Why?

Samuel: 'Cause I can see my reflection on the back of the cello!

Then he started messing with his hair in front of the cello for a minute. After he was satisfied with the result, he did that hair flipping thing and gave the 007 pose.

And after that when we about to play, he flung his hair before starting to play.

Like what the Johnson can!?


3/20/2007/ 9:08 PM
I know everyone's waiting for the photos.

That's why chiobu is here to upload them!

Anyways, I suggest you all save the photos I upload over here, 'cause I'm the only one with these photos (those I'm uploading) so it's pretty dangerous if only I have it.

Here goes...

First must start with landui photo right!?

Paisei to Cally and Yilin. I don't have any other landui photos!!!

And here comes our exclusive 1 to 10 dyb cute poses! Must sell for high price hor.











And lastly ending with a dyb photo! =)


That's all for today!



Okay la!

I know everyone's waiting for the most important photo...

Even those who didn't go for the trip want to see...

A sheng girl wants to steal it...

I want to crop it...

Just kidding!

Here goes...

Nah. Give you la Sheajean!

Johnson smile very cute right!!!



The rest of the photos I'll be uploading them on my blog and megaupload when I'm more free! The rest I have are definitely not dyb group photos and such!

Byes and jiayou jiayou jiayou for syf!

Haha. Song stuck in my head.

This is why I'm hot,
This is why I'm hot...


/ 7:55 PM


3/19/2007/ 9:41 PM
Gaarh. I'm damn pissed.

I uploaded like 10 plus photos and typed so much stuff.

And it just disappears lah!

What the Johnson!!!

3/18/2007/ 5:58 PM
Hey since I left with one jianbao and one history essay, which is so depressing, I decided to cheer myself up by updating all of you some romantic clips of conversation!

Cally: YiGe*g is so cute!
Hanyin: O.O (no, it doesnt mean that shes oogling) I wish Shaoyu was here.
Cally: -giggles-
Hanyin: Cally, stop being disgusting. Thats like saying 'Shaoyu please kiss me, I want french kiss'

*Name censored to protect identity

Hanyin confessed her love for Shaoyu more than 5 times during the M'sia trip. Awww. If I'm Shaoyu I would marry her immediately <3

Eye 'candy':

Please focus on Samuel. I died laughing at him omg this is so disgusting.

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3/17/2007/ 8:24 PM
Haiyo why noone blog one! tsk let me be the nice one. Eeyer I wanted to post some gay photos and videos but stupid JY never come online cant send me :( Eh I want all the photos everyone send me all your photos! :)

zzz I'm down with a terribly itchy throat and I can't scratch it... must be the Gummi bears that I ate.. or the mango sweets.. or the veggies.. I BET ITS THE VEGGIES. Bleah. I'm sure the chloroplast had worms living in them.. that's how they turn green, cause the worms very er xin then they want to puke. Ok whatever I don't know what I'm talking about zzz.

Just now I coughed till I was tearing o.O I very poor thing right? Come on people, show your concern, buy me some Gummi sweets! Yum yum :D


P.S. blog leh people :) [can exclude johnson from this, please]

/ 10:46 AM


3/05/2007/ 10:12 PM
I shall attempt to revive this blog.

Thus, I conclude that the easiest way to get around reviving this blog is:

I shall sing!

*clears throat*

NI SHI WO ZUI SHEN AI DE NV REN, (You're the woman I love the most)

NI YOU ZUI MEI LI DE ZUI CHUN, (You have the most beautiful lips)

NI YONG YOU ZUI DONG REN DE YAN SHEN (You have the most touching(?) gaze)

NI DAI GEI WO XING FU HE KUAI LE (You bring me happiness and contentment(?))





Anybody don't know the tune, I can sing for you!
I felt so lesbian when I sang it to Mayping.
And since she break with Samuel liao, that means I got chance!

Although I would prefer someone sexier. Hahahaha.

I want to wear pyjamas with heart shapes and Dora the explorer on it for the Malaysia trip!

But I doubt my Dad will let me buy. Bahh.
This one also not bad. I want lei!


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