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2/25/2007/ 1:23 PM

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Maze Challenge
2/19/2007/ 11:07 AM

Get the code at www.winterrowd.com

Have fun ppl. Btw happy CNY

ur beloved -xingzhong-

Happy Valentines Day!
2/13/2007/ 8:34 PM
Due to Blogger's persistency on having us switch to the new and improved blogger, my heart gave way and decided to save blogger from the unnecessary traumatization SO I have switched to the new blogger.

Please sign in with:


Password is the same... we shall wait for guanyang to change it to a new one.

Happy Valentines!
esp. to shaoyu and hanyin! (hahahahhaha)
and vincent and his 999(+JY=1000) girlfriends.

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2/07/2007/ 6:24 PM


2/04/2007/ 6:21 PM
Don't know why, I feel like my self-practices are so unproductive and a total waste of time.

Okay fine, actually I do know why. I know it so well but it's the fact that I can't really do anything about it that fustrates me.

Practising in the co room doesn't help 'cause there's just too many people and it's a big area so it's either too noisy that I can't hear too well or there're just too many people which distracts the already very easily distracted me.

Practising with the other cellists is even worst. All the same tunes clashing here and there. I'm not even sure when my yin is zhun or not. Either they get distracted or I get distracted or we just end up chatting away.

20 minutes before school, 3 hours straight in the co room after school on some days, nothing comes out of it. Except perhaps fustration and feeling drained.

The other time I went to the container where no one was there, the place was small and enclosed and I just practised 1 hour straight by myself. It worked. I could actually feel myself improve lei!

Gaarh. I don't care. I'm gonna stop wasting all my time in the co room. Starting from next week, I'm going to the container to practise by myself. I'll still be going to the co room in the morning 'cause at least it's quieter there in the morning than in the container classroom where everyone is there.

I'm not going to bother about the fact that if I don't go to the co room to practise keewei will start ticking me off on "I see other yuezu going to the co room to practise everyday but what about you? I don't see you there at all."

Afterall, it's not proving to him that we do actually practise that's gonna give us that GoldwHonours or the standard of music we want. I'm going to practise where it suits me best. 'Cause I really want dhsco to get GoldwHonours and get to experience how it's like to get it and be proud of it!

Yeah, wo3 xiang3 tong1 le! I've finally thought things through!

To hell with trying to show the world I practise! 'Cause I damn well know I'm not improving in the co room.

YEA YEA YEA. I'm going to practise in the container and improve!

P.S The sec3 row has 9 containers. I book 3G already hor!


You can delete this post if you want (refering to DYBians). 'Cause I xiang3 tong1 le so it doesn't matter!

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