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You're INVITED to Emily's 21st Birthday PARTEE!!
1/28/2007/ 3:31 PM
Dearest DYBians young and old,

You are ALL (yes the whole DYb no matter how young/old you are) are invited to my 21st birthday party!

I know my Dyb list is far far far from complete, but I'm quite sure I have at least one human being from every jie4!
Please, could you all disseminate to your whole jie4 for me? Especially the young ones, get guanyang to contact me can? lost his number when i lost my phone after dyb chalet.

Anyway, it is on the

23 February 2007 FRIDAY
Anytime between 4pm on 23/2 to the next day as long as you want to stay
Bungalow 13, SAFRA resorts Tanah Merah

There will be food and barbeque, cake and games etc. So dont worry about starving or nothing to do...

please RSVP immediately whether you
1) WILL COME (preferred)
2) THINKING (better than nothing)
3) WILL NOT COME (i suggest you think again)

I will email you with SPECIFIC travelling details when you RSVP. =)


1/24/2007/ 9:59 PM
hello. dyb.

SYF is 70 days away. That is less than 3 months to go. I believe that all of you know of our current music standard. Is this what the legendary DHSCO is supposed to be. Is this the DHSCO that has won numerous gold with honours and the envy of all the other school’s chinese orchestra. I don’t think so. Do your feel proud when you say that you are a member of DHSCO. If so then ask yourselves why DHSCO should be proud to have you. I see people talking in the middle of practice. I see people huning through the whole of the practice. For those that don’t know, there are only 80 slots for SYF. Once you miss this chance, it will no longer come along again. Let me make this clear to you. At this point if any of you have no regards for SYF, Gongyan or anything to do with DHSCO, you are not welcomed. Let me make this clear to you, no one in this orchestra is indispensable. DHSCO need people that love what they are doing, so even if you are godly at your instrument but you do not love DHSCO, we don’t want you. I hope your understand that being a member of DHSCO is not just clinching the gold with honours. I believe that not everyone of you would join DHSCO if it just all about the music and to be in a top orchestra. I honestly tell you that at the start of my life in DHSCO I didn’t like it one bit at all. I’m even considered as a delinquent in DHSCO as I have ponned 5 months straight. What made me change my opinion was the friendship and the feeling of being part of a big family. If even someone like me can do it so can any of you. Look around you, the people in your section are the people that you have spend numerous hours during the holidays with. I’m sure that these are the people that have laughed and cried with you. Even if you are not willing to work hard for the orchestra, at least work hard for the friendships that you have made in DHSCO. I know that the endless hours of practice are torturous. But practice really makes perfect. If you don’t put in the effort you will never get the result. For those of you that don’t know, all the schools out there are out to get us. I’m sure that those of you that have attended East Zone know that there are people who’s standard are a whole step above us. What set us apart is the when we work together and produce the music from our heart. If we lose this component we might as well give up now. 音乐要发自内心才能进入内心。Let the music be an extension of your passion. We have worked so hard together, and played so hard together as well. This the last league of the race. For the sec 4s this year, SYF will be your last performance as a zaiji member. For the Sec 3s SYF would be the starting point where your will take over. Despite how corny this post sounds, I hope your understand the message I’m trying to convey.


Molly's bag
1/16/2007/ 6:58 PM
There's nothing much to blog about actually...

except that Molly has a very attractive bag.

[EDIT: Molly has a very attractive strut, too.]

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