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Some chalet photos! =)
12/28/2006/ 11:26 PM

How come only both of them without the rest of us? Tsktsk.

The heart-shaped bbq food by Mayping and me! Sorry for the bad phototaking though, my hands were oily.

The tortoise cute right? Tortoise mahjong is fun! Thanks to Mayping, I know how to play tortoise mahjong and still don't really get Bridge.

And a random photo of Mayping. My handphone has so many of her zilian photos and I don't even remember since when she actually took my handphone to take the photos.

Anyway, Wilson if you actually read this blog, I'll buy the tickets from you next week. See, I'm so nice. Lollie.

I think I've become pretty famous for unfortunate reasons. There are like 3 posts dedicated to Honey&Rosie. Can we please focus more on Cally&Jieren? They're like more of reality.

Nice day! =)

12/26/2006/ 5:59 PM

cause if they are staying they wont see this until they come back mah. geez im so smart!

errrrr i think guanyang amelia zhiying they all staying. and i think they'll sleep cause last year when we went there early in the morning the looked like dead pigs who just woke up so lets wake them up at night he he he he he he.

P.S. Did anyone bring Barbie UNO cards? Got friendship card leh! lol lol. zzz I'm super high now I think I shall go play Maple and whoever typed that cheeem post, let me show off that I never pon co before. Whoo hoooooooooooo!

Before I go, let me show off two newly created poem. Please give your sincere comments about it.

K - I - S - S - I - N - G!

and the second poem...

:D What high class poems! (No offence though, just a joke lar)

Merry Christmas!
12/25/2006/ 6:37 PM

& a happy new year :D

Going CO
12/24/2006/ 2:18 PM
"Going Early" is better than "Going Punctually"
"Going Punctually" is better than "Going Late"
"Going Late" is better than "Going Not" (in some places, it's the other way round)
"Going Not" is better than "Going Temporarily Not"
"Going Temporarily Not" is better than "Going Forever Not"
"Going Forever Not" is equivalent to "Going Never Ever"

Scenario Number 1:
If you had chosen "Going Never Ever", you can ignore this post.

Scenario Number 2:
In places where "Going Not" is preferred over "Going Late"; the moment you realised that you're going to be late or had overslept, jolly well continue sleeping or choose "Going Not":)

Scenario Number 3:
It's an rhetorical question. Do you think it's easier to choose "Going Never Ever" or "Going Early"?

Scenario Number 4:
So why make life difficult for yourself when facing scenario number 3?
If there is a first time, it's likely to have second, third, fourth, fifth......... and many many times.
So another rhetorical question.
Don't you that that you should choose "Going Never Ever" since you cannot choose "Going Early" every time?

Scenario Number 5:
If most people choose "Going Never Ever" since they cannot choose "Going Early", well, happy imagining what's going to happen...... :) to people who chose to "Go Early", futue te ipsum

Scenario 6:
When you had planned to choose "Going Never Ever" in Scenario Number 2;
But because of certain limitations, you cannot choose "Going Never Ever", "Going Forever Not", "Going Temporarily Not" and "Going Not", so what's the next one you can choose? It's of course "Going Late". But since they prefer "Going Not" to "Going Late", so why not choose "Going Late"?

12/22/2006/ 7:41 PM
Today's huibao was terrible. We sounded Ok at first, but it went badly when ttk came.


We must buck up and show ttk that we are good. We must maintain our standard (although I know that we can never beat vincent's batch). EVERYONE JIA YOU FOR GONG YAN AND SYF!

and may the two new couples Honey&Rosie (hanyin and shaoyu) and XingXing&ZhiZhi (xingzhong and zhiyin) have a blissful time together for your entire life.

poor hanyin though. Aww. so sad.



12/21/2006/ 10:26 PM
Eh when Hanyin and Shaoyu gets married, please remember to invite the whole dyb. I'm so kind I check for you all le, Fullerton Hotel, one table $1000+ thankyou but heard that they serve double of every dish or something. Hope that will not happen during your wedding. Hope Hanyin will have fun waking up to sounds of 'my dear'. Good luck, my poor hanyin.

New couple: ZhiZhi and XingXing.

Guess who.

Honey and Rosie
12/19/2006/ 8:45 PM
Oh I promised to blog about our beloved Honey and Rosie. Here it goes. I shall write in primary school compo format cause thats about the standard of the female and male lead of this story. This story requires loads of imagination, which is quite tough cause no one wants to think about shaoyu or hanyin.


It was raining cats and dogs. Far out in Buona Vista, in an ulu and abandoned building, the former RJC campus, a bunch of kids decided to go for fenzu. They met up in the hall.


Forget it lar, this type of compo is ruining my high class image. Let me continue in my high class way.

... Do you realise that whenever Shaoyu calls Hanyin, he PURPOSELY pronounces hanyin as HONEY. Honey as in HONEY BABY. (OH MY HONEY BABY -flutters eyelid-) Just imagine shaoyu doing that.. can puke one lor.

And he likes to call hanyin to help him apply rosynth(correct spelling anot?-.-) on his cello bow. But instead of pronouncing it as 'rosynth', he prounounces it as ROSIE. Phua Chu Kang that Rosie. Thus, the name stuck and from now on, please call Shaoyu 'Rosie' instead.

And Shaoyu also likes to call Hanyin 'my dear'. Like oh my god lar, so disgusting! My goosebumps are acting up again.

Here is the so-romantic love story of Honey and Rosie, Bugs and Bees. (Rhymes mah, according to geneve)

the snow fairy (guess who HAHAHA)

DHSCO and DYB are great places.
12/11/2006/ 12:12 PM
This post is abt my personal views. It is not subject to anyone's own interpretation.

Qn: How far do you agree to 'DHSCO and DYB are a great places'?

I personally agree to a large extent that DHSCO and DYB are great places. DHSCODYB is a section of the renowned DHSCO. Over the years, DYB has grown into one of the best sections of DHSCO. DYB has played a significant role in helping DHSCO reaching greater heights many times. DYB and DHSCO have given me much memories. I will always be proud to tell others that I am from DHSCO and DYB.

DHSCO and DYB have given me much things. From someone with no music background, they have moulded me into someone who is at least able to read scores and complete ABRSM Cello Grade 5 in a short period of less than 3 years. Their teachings I will always remember. Teachers have been teaching patiently. Apart from music, many other stuffs were imparted. Morals, way of doing things, patience, interest in chinese culture are cultivated in me. I really thank DHSCO and DYB for all these.

So fellow dybians, treasure your time in DHSCO and DYB. The world outside is not as simple as DHSCO and DYB. Some COs really @#$%^&*(). All other COs can never match up to DHSCO. Well, im not talking about musical standards but rather the memories and experiences given to us. So lets look forward to DHSCODYB chalet... I really love DHSCO and DYB.

12/09/2006/ 12:32 AM
HEY I want to confirm if its true that homework is not collected in the beginning of sec three cause I'm thinking of seeking the easy way out heh heh.

Anyway, theres this trent about zuzhangs? They like to begin their SMSes with 'Hey'.

'Hey fenzu tomorrow at 2.3opm'
'Hey go to shicheng concert. We must blah blah blah (guanyang quite VERY longwinded) blah'

Last time amelia also like to 'hey hey hey'

'Hey bring tuan juan $25'


12/02/2006/ 9:46 PM
hi all this is an update on our resident aunties.

they got caught on camera! hoho! the new paper, 1st dec, shld be page 8. our dearest amelia and zhiying (and xianghong) queueing outside tampines ikea for free water.

aiyoh. they look super auntie leh.


anyway more importantly, pls add me on msn at lydialim89@yahoo.com.sg, thanks! =) see u guys at the chalet!

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