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11/30/2006/ 10:06 PM
wow what a nice wonderful perfect beautiful skin the dinosaurs are so cute who make one ar such a nice person awwwwww.


Paparazzi NEWS!
/ 3:43 PM
This is to inform all that legendary "shopping queens" spotted at the line queing up to a free shuttle bus to IKEA tampines. This is the first day of the OFFICIAL opening of this whole new store with one-of-a-kind warehouse shopping. In it includes the famous meatballs, and of course hot dogs! It is located at an "ulu" area in Singapore Tampines. A full-fledged concept store explains its size of 3 times the Alexandria store. Ok, stop the introduction. Anyway the duo "shopping queens" are very familiar to everyone. I shall give all a hint. Their name start with "A" and ends with "melia" while the other starts with "Z" and end with "hiying". Wow, such high-end and futuristic names!..They sure live up to the name of shopping queens!


dyb chalet-.-
11/23/2006/ 12:27 AM
Following guanyang's post on the dyb chalet, let me show you about the chalet that he booked.




east zone concert
11/18/2006/ 5:20 PM
hello! who will be going for the east zone concert this sunday? hehe i buying chocolates, so need to know how much to buy.


11/15/2006/ 10:07 PM
HEY ALL!..this is to inform you all DYBIANs that chalet have been BOOKED..and it is at 26th to 28th DECEMBER..at COSTA SANDS DOWNTOWN EAST..and it is a DELUXE room..with a NEW XBOX 360 console (games not provided..so pls bring if you have hor)..

Anyway..BBQ is on the 2nd night..so do bring some extra food if you all want..any starvation or lack of food due to miscalculation will not be entertained =]..and who is going to stay overnight?..pls tell me hor..

Following this chalet is a set of rule..one..no other people from other yuezus or schools allowed..example like lydia want come with vincent right..it will be alright because they same yuezu one..so if the couple same yuezu then can..yea..two..everyone from sec1-3 must pay for the chalet..which i forsee cost between $15-20..will try to moderate..but please understand that this is the tradition always..aww..=[..

So..to all who read this..please pass it on to sec1s n people above so on..will greatly appreciate the help and support of many..thank you..

from who else..

11/10/2006/ 10:38 PM

today come home from dazu, so tired.

come dyb blog, see xingzhong's tag, even more tired.

scroll down, see xingzhong's photo...

tired until cannot move already lar. tired from puking :)
so shan't be posting for a while. (good excuse)

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