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10/27/2006/ 8:42 PM
haha sorry mayping and geneve, i think im the NICEST! =)

anyway everyone please go and congratulate wilson yung ying kit for achieving a merit for his grade 8 exam! can ask him to give u a treat too, cos apparently he made bets with many many many many people that he's going to fail grade 8. i think u go bluff him say u betted with him he also cant remember one. haha!

love, LYDIA!

/ 11:19 AM
Ha! The NICER GENEVE YEO is here to follow up on mp's "efforts"

Where on earth did you hear about the result slip thingy? I didn't know leh. omg. my results are 0.0. Terrible I mean. Sob. If they retain me I might as well jump off the school roof and die. Okay juniors, don't learn from me. I'm just a wayward senior that's a woodbridge case. xD

I think we should all blog more. esp gy, since he's the DUA sl. Agreed? Yes agreed! And it's terrible, having to see xz's "pretty" photo everytime we come to the blog. That's why I've sacrificed my breakfast to save the blog ( and the stomaches of everyone else).

10/26/2006/ 4:25 PM
HI, the nice MP to revive the dyb blog!

Heard that must photocopy the results slip for ttk isit?

OH Im very happy to do so, cause at the teachers comment, the very first line states 'Mayping shows a healthy interest in her CCA' I shall highlight that for ttk to take note hahaha.

zzzzz the stuff toys in dyb cupboard very dusty leh! And the birthday chart so AHEM updated.

zzz don't like staying at home cause must teach my brother his work lalala. ok no link no link.

byebye :D

more photo
10/15/2006/ 12:32 PM

SEXY XINGZHONG at VJC openhouse. =D

dhs 50th anniversary gala dinner!

10/11/2006/ 11:51 AM

HAHA! eeyer i quite loser right. so many ugly pictures of him in my phone.

see you guys in dunman soon!!


10/10/2006/ 6:26 PM



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