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8/31/2006/ 6:43 PM
I shall revive the blog... haha...

HAPPY TEACHERS DAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope everyone will enjoy their holidays... EVERYONE MUST JIA YOU FOR SYF AND EOYS!!!

i believe DYBIANS can do it de...



8/20/2006/ 9:29 PM
wah i really cannot stand seeing "sexy naughty vincent" everytime i come here la, so decided to blog something.

anyway got an email today from the wang leehom fan club (hahaha yes, u saw right). anyway the point is, he's having a concert at the indoor stadium on 21 october!! haha yeah and i know a lot of lan dui ppl like him right. heard his 'kiss goodbye' during china trip so many times. so just thought i shld share the info.

i might consider going cos promos would have ended by then. =)

which reminds me, everyone mug hard, prac hard, stay together!
dyb forever. keep the de ming legend alive.


sexy naughty vincent
8/12/2006/ 10:43 PM
hahah kop from lydia's blog...

/ 5:30 PM
hey everyone.

i recently heard about the apparent gossip session you guys had, chaired by dyb's biggest gossip monger, sim xing zhong.

if you'd please, i'd like to know more about the content of this scandalous chat.

also, i learnt about yet another blossoming romance between dyb and xyz. do you people not realise that they are the di deng yue zu and not worthy of our affection? it's best to stick to our own dybians.

then again. tby girls arent that bad either. =P

-your favourite senior, lydia

more of da vincent code
8/11/2006/ 11:33 PM
more of vincent's photos...hahha SEH SHUAI COOL SUD...lets go n write some cheer for vincent...hahaha...rawk on vincent...

shicheng concert
8/09/2006/ 8:26 PM
shicheng concert was held on the 6th of august. most of it were solos by the mongolian guests (which im sure u shld all know by now, are super cool!). so if you were wondering what we were doing backstage while waiting for our turn to perform... this is it. our lovely vincent modelling dorea's slingbag. enjoy.

National Day
/ 8:17 PM
This is breeding mozzies.


CIP - Flag Day
8/01/2006/ 9:03 PM
Hey to all..this is to inform all sec2s n 3s that flag day which is orginally 19th August has now changed to 2nd September!..whoeva are interested pls sign up wif me by giving me ur NRIC number and give it to me by THUR..spread words arnd..=)..those who tink u cant make it pls tell me too..thx

Btw..if any of e sec1s are readin dis..or mayb sec2s oso..PLS be more efficient wen i say giv me sth by a dateline..as dis is HIGHLY imprt..dun make me come n chase u after a reply or money..u dun wan e once mos efficient DYB to become so unefficient rite?..ya..n sec1s still gt ppl owe me 22nd concert money!,,gt 2 ppl..u betta pay up arh..or else i'm goin 2 charge u all extra $5 to DYB fund..n if u tink u passed e money 2 ur fren or wadeva..pls gt it bac n pass 2 me..thx..

- Guanyang -

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