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7/30/2006/ 1:09 PM
Hello everybody jiayou for cello exam.

All thanks to you all I can skip one and a half days of school! And wednesday is 3.30 let off! Thankyou! I can also skip my maths trigo test. And maybe my science. But I don't want to skip science test! LALA.


P.S. One more post, just one more post and xingzhong's entry will be gone! Jiayou everybody!

7/29/2006/ 9:34 PM
hihi im here to 'revive' the blog.

anyway vincent and i saw zhiying at bedok mrt ytd briefly. which reminds me of a joke.

Q: i have 50cents, you have 50cents, he has 50cents. where are we going?
A: commonwealth mrt!!


Q: which mrt station was previously a tellytubby?


haha okay lame. just dont say dyb blog is dead.

dyb forever.

shi cheng
7/25/2006/ 2:59 PM
Heroes of the Mongol Grasslands
6 August, Sunday
Victoria Concert Hall
$10, $15, $20


must go watch cos im performing. =D don't forget the chocolate.


7/24/2006/ 7:36 PM



7/19/2006/ 11:49 PM
are u guys looking forward to saturday's concert?

better be, cos I'M GOING!! hahaha if im in a good mood maybe i'll take guanyang's advice and bring chocolates.

don't u all just love me.


/ 2:14 PM
HELLO Zhiying I'm also typing this during survey!

I'm also very very nice! YAY! (:(:


7/17/2006/ 10:29 PM
HEY eneryone..guanyang here..erm..in case u dno me..i'm u all de NEW DYB ZuZhang..erm..i noe alot of sec2 juniors say i veh lan..say i be zuzhang u all will die..bt pls..giv me SUPPORT leh..i'll try my bes de lah..afterall i agree i noob lah..bt still i'll practice hard n try my bes de k..needa all of u de support..=)

anyway..1st-ly i'll reli lik 2 thank e seniors lah..bcos dey made me change my mind somehow..n oso keep encouraging me..so..ya..thx all sec4s seniors 4 bein so kind n nice..tok 2 me or in wadeva way lah..esp ppl lik XZ, Amelia & Zhiying..joey oso lah..mayb a little..lol..OSO..thx to VINCENT & DOREA!..lol..thx 4 encouraging me oso..anyway dorea hopefully u c dis cos i dun bother 2 reply ur msg..LOL..

next thankyou all e sec3s..u all been veh nice n supportive..hope u all can help me along e way next time..u all will hav a great responsibility in DYB oso..lol..n oso 2 e sec2s n 1s..hopefully u all oso co-operative..i'll try my best de ok..wun dissapoint u all..=)

to all DYBians out dere..hopefully everyone will be unite as one as bring DYB to greater heights tgt k?..nex yr SYF..WE MUZ BUCK UP..everyone muz go home n prac prac prac..esp ppl lik..sam***..ya..lol..

anyway..in reply to e RGSCO concert..i'll say..dey r seriously pro..in e sense of dey learn frm fenzu n nt private lsn..n their ji ben gong (basic skills) is damn damn gd..although e gan jue (feel) is nt dere..bt dey r gd..learn dis frm dem..now dey only lose us is dis aspect..we muz nt lose 2 dem..=)

Lastly..RAWK on all DYBians..DYB RAWKS!!!

~Guanyang - ur dearest DYBian..haha..~

Passing Down
/ 7:22 PM
Heh heh guanyang is the new zuzhang... oh dear(:

Congratulations and most importantly, don't bully your juniors.. like xz like that. Heh heh. Must treat us well ok.. (: And the seniors must come back for fenzu hor... don't slack at home! Although we'll be moving next year, which is probably of more reason for you to come over. Must help us mah(:

Lastly, the dumb tagboard keeps refreshing :(

Double bass below... haha... sorry...

7/16/2006/ 11:23 PM
XZ missed out one important thing in this last words.

The cellists should interact more with the bassists.
And of course, vice versa.

Because they are all part of DYB and nobody wants to be left out right?

Lastly, as a bassist, I am very saddened by the fact that I do not see a single picture of a DOUBLE BASS here.


passing down
/ 11:15 PM
hi everyone! passing down tmr, sorry we (j1 batch) probably won't go cos of lessons and other mundane stuff. sigh. anyway all the best to the new comm, and the future leaders of dyb (present sec3 batch), take care of your juniors okay!

anyway regarding this big hoo-ha over rgsco. i think u all shld know that in the first place, many schools feel that dhsco dyb looks very fake when we ROCK. so, yeah. reserve everything for tea breaks okay.

and we WILL have a teabreak SOON. i need to get my ginseng and chrysenthemum cooling tea from shi ning anyway. =P PLEASE HELP ME REMIND HER!


Sigh Sigh Sigh
/ 10:06 PM
O man, im sec4 le, tmr passing down le...got some final words to say and clarify ...

1st-ly, i reli wanna THANK DYB for giving me the past 4 yrs of memories. DYB RELI RAWKS. thank the seniors for coaching the same batch for fun the juniors for me to bully...hahha

2nd-ly, though im gg to leave soon, i can say that IM GG TO MISS DHSCO, i will TRY to come back...and haunt u all, haha...

3rd-ly, Jiayou for 2007 syf, im sure that GWH is within reach IF u all work hard enaff. don tell us the seniors wad: dyb v good oreadi, is the other yuezus thats dragging us down...no such thing la, even if u r VVVV good, u r still not perfect. LEARN TO BE HUMBLE. i can say that even me myself is not perfect, in fact making alot of mistakes...so don go around criticising other ppl, be it dhsco fellow yuzus, or ppl outside. NOBODY IS PERFECT, theres owaes room for improvement, including ttk and quek.

regarding going to concerts, every concert got sthg for us to learn. whether it is a professional CO or p sch co or sec sch co. learn others' good points and watch out for others' mistakes and don commit the mistakes. Tian lao shi told us b4, when we go watch concert, no point pin pointing ppl's mistakes, comparing otehrs with us, useless, learn nthg at the end of day. have u ever consider wads their learning conditions. Compare our learning conditions n theirs, then conclude is it fair to make comparison in terms of skills n presentation....then consider : wad will happen shld they have our learning conditions? Are they going to be better than us?

4th-ly, dhsco dyb is great but at the same time lousy too. Great when we unite together, lousy when we scattered. UNITY IS STRENGTH. dyb is onli great when we assemble tgt. there are ppl like theophilus of temasek, eddy of HCI, go c how pro are they la, they don even have private teaching, they learn solely from fenzu n themselves. n they r better than VINCENT(o man) haha..so yala work harder, jiayou. Whoever is the SL, work well with him...and LOVE EACH OTHER, experience LOVE in DYB , haha so muuuuuushy

aiya v tired, shall go slp early. tmr still got sch. anw the whole post is neutral hor, not targeting at anybody at any part. lalala

DYB's most beloved tuan cao 2005
Dyb's most charismatic neizheng zhongwu 2005-2006
dyb's most niao-ish XINGZHONG who loves dyb dearly (2003-2006)

7/15/2006/ 5:57 PM
HI!!! lol... it is MOI... de dotty girl... lol... sorry...

ehh... this mondae... we will be knowing our new zu zhangs and tuan zhang... haha... cant wait man...

OH YA... if guan yang our zu zhang... we die liao... (mp said this) look at his way of fen-ing us... haiz... pro pro... haha...

our tuan zhang should be ying ying... then guan yang can be fu tuan zhang... YEA... just like the sec 4s 2006... haha...

erm... nothing much... just that... we must learn from the rgsco cellists... never move... must "learn" ar... i very mean hor...


JY opposes zuzhang!
7/13/2006/ 9:18 PM
treaure what you have now before you regret when it's gone. says:
zhiying better
treaure what you have now before you regret when it's gone. says:
she calls me a NICE JUNIOR
treaure what you have now before you regret when it's gone. says:
unlike amelia
treaure what you have now before you regret when it's gone. says:
only call me cute
treaure what you have now before you regret when it's gone. says:

7/12/2006/ 11:20 AM
Hello pple! your nicest and kindest senior is here to blog... haha.

i'm currently in the comp lab doing QSE survey... see how nice i am. take time to come here to blog.

anyway, sec 2s and 3s, jiayou for your IDMI presentations! must present well k? all the best!

and good luck for dazu on friday! i'll come and see you all if i'm free... (touched?)


7/11/2006/ 11:12 PM




7/10/2006/ 1:10 AM

1. find ppl to join
2. make a crappy slogan
3. assign gou zai dui
4. buy required equipment
5. make posters
6. make banners
7. ask for his autograph
8. make him famous across whole sg
9. scream whenever you see him
10. help him conduct qian chang hui

1. all members shld have gls in their msn dps.
2. all members should obey the rules
3. all members should put GLS- in front of their msn dn.


Current number of members: 8


/ 12:17 AM

more stuff for u guys to do
7/07/2006/ 10:16 PM
highly recommend you all to go check Albino Blacksheep out! lots of funny videos! =)

7/06/2006/ 10:13 PM
AHEM..dis blog will nvr be proclaim dead..u noe y?..bcos DYB ROCKS!..yea..ok..dis is so lame i betta stay anonymous..hee~..anyway..issit that it is my com's prob tt i cant c e tag board..O.o..oh well..nvm..n oh ya..a friendly reminder tt tml hav Jiantao at LT 1pm tml..sat oso hav 8am-12pm..(dis is so dumb..hav 2 jiantao n sat one last for 4hrs?..i betta b prepard 4 my ears gonna hurt..)..aiyah..dno wad 2 say le lah..i shall stop writing here..HAHA..

-A freakin hell tired n dno whether in e right state of mind Dybian-

/ 7:00 PM
okay la i shall be kind and blog something before the other yuezus proclaim this place dead.

if you're bored try this ---> click

some game where u have to click around, look for clues, and try to escape from the different rooms. the way to do it is A BIT like The Wicked.

advice: click EVERYWHERE. u must collect the clues, manipulate them, move them around the room etc. quite fun la. haha! enjoy!

PS to xingzhong - "Away! Thou art poison to my blood." =D

7/05/2006/ 5:22 PM
byebye xingzhong's face.

yea man.

7/01/2006/ 10:48 PM
haha! eh i also have shuai pictures of xingzhong!

anyway as a friendly reminder, pls wear lan dui tee on monday!

Help Xingzhong!
/ 12:58 PM
As DYBians, we must help one another right? So we must help uncle xingzhong to look for a girlfriend..

No need to have alot of good qualities lar.. can stand xingzhong can already le lar.. haha. Preferably if you are a tidy person, smart, good looking, not kpo and quiet.. because these are the qualities that xingzhong doesnt possess.. haha. kidding lar.

Match making sure got photos one right? Enjoy... some NICE photos below..

Cute anot? As cute as vincent right? Hahaha.

/ 12:46 PM
hey, we are having LANDUI outing on monday, i bliv that many of u are feeling v excited cos im going. one good example is LYDIA, haha, anw yala me n lydia will be going...so means most of u shld go too to c us. hahah. so the details are as follow:

Monday 3/7/2006 2.oopm
Meet @ Pasir Ris MRT Station
Then whoever got poratble radio set that can play CD please tell keewei
wil end at around evening bah.
Pass the msg around, ALL DYBIANS are invited to go, hahah, so participapte enthu-ly


So far, the people going are

Zichun and some other seniors
and counting.....

ppl hu most prob will be going

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