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6/28/2006/ 10:33 PM
hi everyone. im lydia. haha i see this blog needs more updates. so im here to blog crap and help push xingzhong's post away.

yeah im very sian now. tmr got maths paper. LOL thats why i can afford to be online now cos im prepared to fail. yeah. hope you guys are surviving well in dhs. midyrs are SCREWED.

anyway. everyone go lan dui picnic cos im going. we all wear the ugly cute lan dui tee together. oh ya. and shicheng concert coming up too. yep. everyone go watch cos im performing.

haha. i love dyb. =)

/ 9:18 PM
Aiya just let me post something. This is a nice poem that me and a friend composed. It is not irrevelant ok!

Title: Singapore, this is my choice!
Our home and nation,
With love and patience,
Lies in between
indonesia and malaysia.

A beautiful place,
of wonders and pretty face,
What a way to spend my

Full of comfort,
A place for dimsum and
everything else,
The one that's sastify every single

A luxurous garden city,
With a peaceful
And great minds that's witty.

A fantastic
No reason that I should leave,
Many reasons i should stay.

Oh Singapore, just watch me grow and play!

Suddenly realised that I very pro... cause we finished this in 5 minutes.. very nice right! About immigrants and Singapore, for history. I bet I got A for History because of this. All hail me.

Oh Singapore, just watch me grow and play!

6/23/2006/ 6:36 PM
hey dybians, i found videos of 2 of our DYB all time favourites....hahahha the Allegro that we play in canon style. hahah another is the grade 5 piece for some of us, basically those before guanyang's batch, my batch n above la...hahahha they r playing not bad la...must listen...hahah

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_Tt7-CV6F4

6/22/2006/ 5:29 PM

/ 3:59 PM
i am back... lol... saw alot of ppl using dots lei... i thought i was the only one using dots... lol...

yilin... i welcome you!!! haha... MY DARLING!!!!(eew....)

anywae... i think i know who is the xz admirer le... i must question HIM first... if that person is realli HIM (ya.. i suspect is HIM... but if it realli is HIM... then too sad for xz le... coz HE is realli v... nvm... but if it is not HIM... then...)... then too bad for xz... haha...

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS VFC... IS ALL A SCAM... and if geneve continue doing this kind of stuff... no prezzie for you.. HAHA... however.. there is a KFC.. try guessing who izzit for... haha...


/ 2:22 PM
To Vincent:


(internal joke)

videos were added
/ 1:24 PM
hey fellow dybians, i added 1 more page to the dyb blog le. is some videos of dhsco, u all wan can continue go add. if carn c, must refresh 1st bah. anw vincent rawks our world. hahahah yay


6/21/2006/ 9:58 PM

Dont worry i wont change anything regarding the pw and the user. Thanks so much xingzhong and Geneve. BUT I REALLY WANT TO THANK MAYPING. MUACKS. :D

Lala I hacked into the DYB BLOG! Lol ok no lah I shall be truthful. I didnt hack in. Some kind dybian helped me. YAY.


PS: Everybody please go to the LANDUI OUTING! :D


/ 5:12 PM
hello everyone!!! miss me? i am the one and only VINCENT! this is my first time blogging here.. I have to say this blog is super cool.. mayping great job.. oh.. xingzhong the pictures that u did are wonderful.. haha.. promise to come more often to check this blog out!

Wa lao.. dorea and lydia.. everything i say u all also must put on the blog.. although the pictures that dorea took are really nice handsome pictures of me.. its very embarrassing ok.. haha.. and lydia.. when did i ever say i wanted to be an underwear model.. haha..

Ok! I just dropped by to say hi thats all.. come back next time! for now its back to MUGGING! bye!

from your dearest handsome VINCENT---

6/20/2006/ 10:09 PM
Check this out:


/ 9:40 PM
HAHA oh man. can i tell everyone that today vincent mentioned something about him becoming a underwear model. which i suddenly think is a very appropriate job for him, cos u see all those models on the box all cut off the head one. HAHA. yeah vincent looks ten times better without his head.

eye candy below.


/ 5:00 PM
Well it does seem like Vincent looks sexy in the first pic. *oh no I see my nose growing longer AHHHH* okay cancel that.

Err. does VINCENT have a fan club? VFC. Very Fat Ca*** (if you know then shut up, ifyou don't, too bad) oops no. Very Fat Cat. hoho. but still, the idea is simply horrendous.

I would also like to thank guan yang for uplifting my SACRED initials. ahhh. (: note to smb in tby: don't read into this too much. just making a lame joke only. ;) err yes. i think gy rocks! not guan yue and not guan yang. hoho.

sch is going to reopen already! have you finished all your holiday homework? if not, JIAYOU! And remember to prac your qins. haha. and to those who have spoilt cellos, like me, i wish the instruments a speedy recovery. (:

the greatest and lamest GENEVE YEO. All HAIL ME! (:

Calling all Vincent's fans!
/ 12:42 AM
For Vincent's fanclub (it's amazing if he does have one):

Some photos to feed your eyes!

See, Vincent is so CUTE right? Hahahahaha.

6/19/2006/ 10:02 PM
hihi!..guanyang here..first thg first..i read all e posts earlier (cos i din even noe dere is dis blog..sum1 *cough..MAYPING..cough..* din tell me until now..) n i found out u all is whoeva e great n so on..haiz..n so..all submit 2 me..i'm the lord..lol~..

anyway..i was sent here..i mean..specially requested by mayping 2 blog here..so..dis is my 1st blog in life..treasure it..haha..(Suggestion: Mayping should open a museum 2 put dis post in..)

DYB muz jiayou k..SYF nex yr..muz faster prac or wadeva lah k..i dun mean no fun..bt still..dere's lots of fun..(prac is fun wad rite?..)..i hav 2 say..e sec2s dis yr..r veh enthu..*clap clap*..such a high honour to receive compliment frm GY the lord..count urself lucky..haha..

Ur seniors are oso veh enthu..ppl lik XZ..other seniors may nt b blogging here..bt dey veh enthu de k..haha..so..u all muz work hard k..(i mean..i need 2 too k?..)..so..JIAYOU!..

DYB rocks..
- Guanyang the lord -

/ 9:09 PM


The first day was a boring day.. all we did was to sit there was to WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. Some people took some photos blah blah and then we continued waiting. And we continued being HIGH and continued getting scolded for being too noisy. When we were checking in, the biased AUNTY at the counter didn't give anyone of us sweets except for JY and Weicheng. Must be they too kiddy. (Self consolation in process, do not disturb.)

Watched a pervetic-but-I-like movie called "Date Movie". Not bad not bad. Pervetic enough haha. Heard that Mingquan and Cally were flirting with each other on the plane trip. Haha.

Nothing much happened when we reached Beijing. Ya. The mystical Yang Qiao Hotel was ok lar.. the walls were not sound proof so we could hear every word of Amelia and Zhiying talking in the room next door. Heh. The bathtub was good. HEH HEH.

On the 2nd day, we went to climb the Great Wall of China. Slacked alot.. especially in one of the so called towers.

Geneve: Let's pretend that we want to commit suicide.
Geneve: Let's let our hair downs and pretend to be Rapunzel! *squeals in delight*

Such a childish kid. tsk. Zichun and Kelvin Ho were one of the first to reach the top I think. Whoo~ landui!

We didn't climb to the top but we enjoyed the process.. the stairs there were damn steep can. And someone gave Kuei Fu a 'Niang niang' hat/hairband thing which he loved alot. It was abit gay but nevertheless, fun.

During one of the bus rides, Vincent, Lydia, JY, Cally and I were rather bored and due to a good idea of Vincent, we decided to wave to all the people in the passing cars. There was this particularly interesting guy that I must mention.

Cally, Jy, Me: *waves*
Guy: *no reaction*
Vincent: *waves*
Guy: *gestures for Vincent to come down excitedly*

The our bus overtook his and we didn't see him until his car came beside us after a while.

Guy: *stares at vincent and waves madly*

Then our bus and his car went in opposite directions.

Guy: *sticks head out of car window and waves frantically to vincent*

OMG that guy is so interesting haha. We kept laughing and laughing and laughing.

We took the night train to Shenyang in the night. Slept at the top bunk and kept konking my head against the ceiling. So fun! Haha. The cabin was made up of two triple decker beds and it was so damn cool! Woke up quite late :P

I saw alot of farming and agricultural stuff. Miss Ng must be very happy. Heh.

Shenyang is a very nice place, its tls's hometown. Quite clean and the air is also quite fresh. The hotel rocks. It's the best hotel in the whole trip xD

The performance at Shenyang wasn't too good. The paiwei wasn't perfect either. And the audiences were totally HORRIBLE. The only times they made some noise was when the MC misprounounced something. YUCKS.

Zichun said that the police officers there will shoot the audience if they don't clap. Dots but yah, if that was true, the whole theatre of people will be dead. The photo taking was rather hilarious. The DJY people kept teasing Zaihong about *ahem* and Wesley kept wanting to drag him to *ahem* until TWC stopped him halfway. Heh heh.

The 12 course supper was rather hilarious though. Nobody really ate something. The main focus was the SILKWORMS. I think its silkworms.. according to TWC. I ate one on a dare with Cally. Yucks. Damn disgusting. Tastes like the head of the prawn. Liqin and Yilin and Cally ate FIVE and thinks that its nice. Vincent ate SEVEN. And he was looking rather sick and the end of the whole thing and claims that he has some caught in his teeth. Haha. It's sick. If you caught some diseases after eating them, remember, Wei Cheng's medical box only has panadols. Haha.

The next interesting thing is the 怪坡. Pronounce Guai perrr. The tour guide rocks. The most interesting tour guide in the whole trip. Guai perr is a gentle slope stretching around 3m or so. When you cycle/drive down you'll be pulled up.. When you u-turn and go back up, you dont have to exert any force and you'll automatically move upwards. Cool?

Lan Dui was the first bus to reach there and the driver stopped moving when we reached the guai perr. The bus moved by itself!

Guanyang: The bus driver must be cheating us.
Me: The bus driver fake one lar.

Just then, Huang Dui's bus came on the slope opposite us after we U-turned.

Weicheng: I saw the uncle change gear!

LMAO haha. But it's quite true, the guai perr thing. We wrote bicycles down it and it was damn shiok. 6 degree weather, slight rain, me wearing tee shirt and jeans. SHIOK!

The walls between the toilet cubicles were damn low and I saw Yilin's butt haha. Ok actually I didn't but never mind :) Make Cally jealous :)

We went to Dalian the next day. That place rocks! Clean and fresh, located beside the sea. We went to the beach there and it was a rather lively and fun place.

Went to take the viking with some DYB people. Sat in the last second row with Geneve and JY and Lydia. Xingzhong, Joey, Amelia and someone sat in the last row.

Halfway through, Xingzhong and Joey were screaming their lovers and something like I don't want to die. Suddenly...


Stupid doo doo. It was a pink piece.. found it on my jeans later on. YUCKS. Dumb Xingzhong.

Then Lydia told us to scream 'We love Vincent'. I think he was disgusted and ran off. Heh.

We took a ferry to Yan Tai the next day. I realised that I have motion sickness. NOOOOOO!

I was lying on the seat handle and people keep asking me if I'm alright and most importantly 'SIT UP STRAIGHT'. I feel like vomitting when I sit up straight and I definitely feel better leaning on the handle thing so why must I sit up straight? :( Yucks. Stupid doo doo.

And we took a bus to Peng Lai. And had an educational trip. I shall not blog about educational trips because erm you have to see it for yourself. BAI WEN BU RU YI JIAN. (:

Travelled to Long Kou by bus. Reached there late in the night. Pretty cool place. We staryed in the hostel of LONG KOU SHI DONG HAI WAI GUO YU XUE XIAO. The rooms are quite nice but the food is like doo doo. Only the milk is nice. tsk.

Next thing in the morning we took a few seconds bus to the school's auditorium which was like only how many metres away. I rather walk there although I'm holding my cello. HAHA IM SO STRONG THANKYOUTHANKYOU.

So we had a run through and the first concert in Long Kou began. The audience was like Primary School and some Lower Secondary School kids. Oogles, people.


Lol so random. Never mind. After the concert(or before I forgot), went to find Esther and Shuting to gossip. We ended up singing a kiddy song, oh what a failure. HEH.

The 2nd concert was rocking good. The seniors said that it was truely one of the best concerts we ever performed or something like that. AND IT TRUELY TOUCHED THEIR HEARTS.


At the end of the whole concert, Eugene and some er hu guy was starting up some cheers and yup it was fun.





and vincent was like..


*glass shatters*

As in Do RE Mi Fa the RE cause RE is D in theory in case you don't know x)

Next thing in the morning we had some eeky stuff for breakfast then we left for Wei Fang, where we went to a kite museum and to some memorial place of Pu Song Ling.


Then to Qu Fu, had a tour of Confucius Town and went to Tai An.


HAHA! I can tell our beloved old bu pro calligraphy teacher MASTER KANG that I went to Tai Shan.

This is due to his famous quote: "稳如泰山"

YES! And I made an YING ZHANG there. So he must be a very happy calligraphy teacher now.

Took a cable car up to TAI SHAN to a certain height and then climbed all the way up. YAY! The wind up there rocks. REFRESHING!

Climbed up with Geneve. Climbed so fast that we caught up with Zichun and Kelvin Ho. HAHAHA. How it started:

Me: Heh heh let's go!
*climbs and climbs for a while*
Me: OMG Zichun and Kelvin Ho still here. Let's climb faster than them.
*climbs halfway up a steep block of stairs*
*zichun and kelvinho speeds up*
Geneve: -.-

Anyway after that block of stairs, I was busy putting on Lip Balm when zichun suddenly appeared behind us so in the end we climbed some way behind them and met Yilin and Liqin. The rubbish bin there is damn cute, yes it is.

Okay so TAI SHAN rocks. I must tell that to Master Kang.

Then nothing much happened just that curfew was cancelled on the last day YAY. Ended up watching whatever World Cup. Germany and some Cola country. Everybody supported Germany then I found Cola so poor thing so I supported Cola.

Then went back to a room to gossip with YILIN then Geneve came and YILIN SNORES. Haha.

Played UNO for awhile with Liqin and Cally then decided to sleep for one hour before waking up again. zzzz


Then HOME!

then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


I FINALLY finished this. GOSH I ROCK.

And a little add on:

The sectwo lan dui-ians try to make it a point to sit together during mealtime so we can see Cally finish the entire plate of veggies and JY the smally smelly indian finish all the soup.

Imagine- future fenzus with a vegetarian and a smelly brown girl. GOODNESS. (:


DANIEL THONG. (Inside joke)

and many many more.



random post
/ 9:07 PM
It was about 9 pm on 19/6/06 when a sec2 of the bestest yue zu in dhsco IM-ed me. the convo went sth like this.

满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
go blog dyb blog!
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
i just did wad
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
nobody blog
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
oh che
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
except for exingzhong
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
i tot tag
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
xingzhong blog = nobody blog
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
no... don't be so bad.
must be meaner
xingzhong blog=destruction of dyb blog
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
we must blog more to cover his posts
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
blog about china trip
i paste mine there
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
just block him. ^^
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
mine super long
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
did you add my name
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
ok i go add
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
i was beside you on the viking la
stupid jr.
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
i suddenly forgot
sry lar
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
how can i forget
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
ask guanyang blog also leh
he only tag one
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
chewing gun
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:
- gen=* [dyb] GP*power of 8 all CELLISTS should watch this video to shock and awe.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei4ssghjuSA says:
满院的落叶 任风吹 听出沙沙的谁(: says:

haha. well i didn't know gy tagged even. *sry* and oh well. as for xz, remember this. negative times negative equals positive. so you should always blog an even number of posts. yep. (:

and well, enjoy the rest of the hols mugging hw. gah.

more videos
6/18/2006/ 12:13 AM
lol doesnt this sound familiar.


6/17/2006/ 8:10 PM
V bored...was browsing thru youtube then come across these few videos, here to share :) hehe

Change Of Date
6/16/2006/ 4:03 PM

Landui Picnic changed to 3 July, Youth Day.

It's a holiday and you are informed more than 2 weeks before hand so you can postpone all your dates.


6/15/2006/ 8:43 PM
for people who dont read gy blog, i read frm there that mdm ilyana is collecting all the photos to burn into a cd, which i think is a really gd idea. so dybians pls go find out more details frm amelia or clara.

also think we should think of a way to thank zichun and tL, especially tL who helped us so much with the wrapping of the cellos, and all the broken bridges, dropped sound posts, tuning everything to that crazy frequency for cang shan, etc etc etc.

yeah. =) tmr passing down right. haha. gd luck sec4s. if any of u get into comm must work hard arh!


6/14/2006/ 6:10 PM

Yilin says set this as display picture in MSN cause it will be cool. But like nobody use like that leh.

/ 3:41 PM
Whoever post about Qu Yuan... yes yes... i guess we all noe u like Qu Yuan alot and you dun have to keep on reminding us bout Qu Yuan... =P

ehh mp... just a comment... SILKWORMS ARE NICE ok... and I DUN SNATCH PPL'S VEGGIES... you all gave it to me.. haha...

I hope everyone's resting well.. and also doing your hw... i am very sorry for the mistakes i made in the lan dui emails... haha... was typing all the add with a headache...

I hope the picnic this sundae will be successful!!!

oh.. JY cant go coz she have to go malaysia... where her howntown is.. haha

-cally was here to crapP

/ 3:06 PM
Lessons I learnt during China Trip:

Lesson ONE- WLS and JY need earthquakes to wake them up.
Lesson TWO- Cally likes to snatch people's veggies. DD:
Lesson THREE- JY likes to drink with the soup ladle. :DD
Lesson FOUR- Its nice to lean on the cello and sleep on the bus.
Lesson FIVE- Don't fall asleep before Xingzhong.
Lesson SIX- Legs shrink in cold weather.
Lesson SEVEN- Don't eat silkworms.
Lesson EIGHT- Perverts live on level 16.
Lesson NINE- Singapore toilets rock.
Lesson TEN- I ROCK X)

thankyouthankyou :)

who's that cheem person who blogged before me?


Reflection on China Trip '06 (31st May to 10th June)
/ 2:49 PM
One of the many highlights of the China trip this year was the opportunity to play my favourite song: Qu Yuan Fu - Ju Song. It is my favourite song not only because its melody is very moving, but also because behind the wonderful song, is the great man, Qu Yuan, whom I really admire.

Qu Yuan was a great politician and poet in the Warring States Period (476 BC - 221 BC) in the state of Chu. During that time, because the State of Qin was becoming strong and dangerous, Qu Yuan tried to form alliances with the neighbouring states so that they might have a chance against the mighty and evil Qin. However, because there were some bad eggs who corrupted the Chu king, Qu Yuan was instead exiled.

During his exile, he travelled and wrote a lot of poems and songs that expressed how much he loved his country, and how sad he was that his country was going to get invaded by foreigners. While in exile, he did not resort to doing something silly like trying to muster popular support for better foreign affairs administration in the capital so as to pressure the king to make more astute political decisions. Instead, he did the right thing of falling into depression and writing touching poems that did not point out the flaws in the current administration.

So, when the capital of Chu was finally captured by the Qin army in 278 BC, he couldn't take the grief and committed suicide by jumping into the Miluo River.

Qu Yuan was a good minister who carried out effective political reforms, and he was also an accomplished poet whose poems still make people today feel extremely patriotic and sad when they read them. Nobody really seem to take note of that, but, in my opinion, his greatest accomplishment and what everyone should remember most about him is still his committing of suicide.

If us normal people, especially Singaporeans, committed suicide, we'd probably get hand-cuffed and all that because suicide is still murder according to the British Law, and then maybe our suicide will turn up in the media, but it's a very extremely small chance and only if our suicide was part of a disturbing social trend that was worth highlighting for the sake of social awareness for the general public. Nobody would even know our names because our identity has to be protected and all that.

However, when Qu Yuan jumped into the river, he managed to mobilize the whole neighbourhood to look for his body in the river, and then when they couldn't find it, they made and threw perfectly good rice dumplings that could have been used to feed poor and starving peasants into the river to prevent the fishes from eating his body. And then 2000 years later, we celebrate his suicide by eating rice dumplings and racing in dragon boats every duan wu jie (5th day of 5th month of lunar calendar).

So the lesson that I have learnt from Qu Yuan's story is that when we suffer setbacks in life, we should wallow in self-pity and depression and give up altogether. We should not try to help ourselves, nor accept any form of help to recover from the setback, but we should keep telling other people how depressed and upset we are in our poetry. So that when we do commit suicide, people may start to notice our works of art and might even create a holiday or two to celebrate our suicides!

Suggested Landui Picnic
6/13/2006/ 10:31 PM
Suggested Landui Picnic

Venue: Pasir Ris park. (near to downtown east so can go there also)
Date: 18th June 2006
Time: not decided yet

Things to bring:
1) volleyball
2) soccer ball
3) radio (those tt can play disc and can be powered by battery)
4) finger food (eg. chips, biscuit and etc)
5) soft drink
6) table cloth or floor mat
7) CDs?
8) hats?
9) water bottle
10) umbrella
11) anything else you want!

Things we can do:
1) cycle or rollerblading
2) arcade at downtown
3) beach soccer
4) beach volleyball
5) erm…monkey around. (play in the water, play in the sand, aiya u get the idea)
6) built sand castle.
7) Suntan

1) strictly no swimming.
2) Wei Cheng pls bring ur first aid kit in case ppl get injured or anything.

Recommend wear:
1) dark colored shirt for girls
2) No skirts.
3) Slippers recommended.shorts.

adapted from 2i blog by rachel not kiwi

weather allows:
- dig holes in the sand [HEY! i ALWAYS do that. childish... but fun!]
- after digging holes... make mountains! lol
- suntan
- dog and bone
- play sea water
-rubiks cube... haha
- volleyball [if we have ball]
- beach soccer [""""]
- catching
- ice and water
- hide and seek... -.- -.- -.-
- blind cat
- i forgot whats it callled. you know you draw pictures and let people guess the word? yup!

wet games [which means we can also play when it is dry and you are tired]
- chess
- concentration
- murderer
- polar bear
- suanning games
- i spy
- taboo
- rubiks cube... HAH

shoe game:
ok... so you everyone take off their shoe, then they leave it in a heap. Then you blind fold a person. The person will have to pick a shoe. then do something with the owner of the shoe as a forfeit. like... erm... shake hands? chicken dance?

wooden spoon game:
it doesn have to be a wooden spoon. just a spoon, a stick will be fine. a few people stand in a row. Then you blindfold a person. the person have to take the spoon and use it to try and guess who is the person in front of her by running the spoon on the face. The one who got guessed by the blindfolded person will be the next blindfolded person.

AMBUSH! [fun game!]
Split your group into two teams which we will call A and B. Group A leaves 5 to 10 minutes before group B and must leave clues behind (footprints, marks, arrows, codes, pieces of paper, etc.). They must then camouflage and set up an ambush for group B. Group B leaves and follows the footprints and clues left by group A and tries to discover the ambush site. During the ambush the groups face each other in mock combat and attempt to steal each other scarves/sticks from back pockets. The meeting of the two groups could also result in the yelling of "AMBUSH" and a race back to home base again.Get the flag5/6 person per team. Put a around 20 flag/stick on your base, then you run to the other person's base and grab their flag and put it on your base. just keep grabbing and putting. No defending of base. Then at the end of 3 mins, count the number of sticks you have.

Baby if you love me won't you please smile? [dammit... it's a fun game]
Everyone sits in a circle. Placement doesn't matter. A player is chosen to go first. The player goes to another player in the circle that they think will laugh easily. Then they sit in front of them and say "Baby if you love me, won't you please smile?" Make faces or anything to make the person smile or laugh. No touching. After the person says "Baby if you love me won't you please smile?" the player being targeted on must say "Baby I love ya but I just can't smile" without laughing or even cracking a smile. If they don't smile and say the phrase without a hitch, the person can move on to get another target. If the person being targeted on laugh, it's their turn to be the person in the middle. FUN RIGHT?

A contagious laughing game
This is a contagious laughing game. Player #1 lies on their back and places their head on the belly of player #2 . Player #2 then places Their head on the belly of player #3, and so on. Players should end up lying in a zig zag formation. Now the first person shouts "ha!" and the next person answers with "ha ha!" and so on. Each player adds one more "ha". Soon everyone loses control and starts laughing hysterically.


side pages
DYB is short for Di Yin Bu, chinese for Lower Strings Ensemble. We are the cellists and bassists of Dunman High School Chinese Orchestra Singapore. In 1994, we left the di deng yue zu the String Ensemble (Hus) to form our very own DYB! We are guided by teachers Mdm Tian Ling and Mr Lee Tsu Hock, and conductors Mr TTK and Mr Quek Ling Kiong.

DYBians are known for their lively spirit and close-knit ties. Even after graduating, DYBians still enjoy returning to our many gatherings, and fenzus/shichengs. Here we will introduce the DYBians of '08, and our lovely seniors/alumni!

| Boon Xin | Camy | Chang Fang | Eric | Ming Jie | Pamela | Yong Hui |

| Wilson | Tessie | Yamuna | Chrystal | Guan Cheng | Ivan | Jason | Ken | Ding Xiao | Tian Tian |

| Dorea | Lydia | Shirlene | Vincent | Zhi Kang | Sh0n |

| Amelia | Hong Bin | Janice | Joey | Xing Zhong | Yun Xuan | Zhi Ying | Rachel |


| Geneve | Guan Yang | Jia Yao | Jun Wen | Shao Yu | Elysia | Eugene | Nathaniel |


| Cally | Celine | Han Yin | Jia Yin | May Ping | Samuel | Wei Wei | Wendy | Yvonne | YingSi |


| Bevie | Charmaine | Kian Ming | Shi Lun | Wen Yi | Xiao Rong | Xiao Zhou | Yue Heng |


| JiaHan | Sheila | Vanessa | XinMin | YanQi | Yu Long | Zhang Yang |


Original photos here. For slide shows, click here.
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