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5/31/2006/ 9:41 AM
o man so fast....is 31st of MAY le la...hai...so excited...we r so gg to rawk down the great wall of china. hahah. hope everything will go smoothly and have a good time there...YAY.

Anw today is chinese lunar calendar 5th month 5th day which is the BAK ZHANG DAY...hahah.must celebrate....btw on the year of 1990, the BAKZHANG DAY falls on the 27th MAY, which is my bday....so in another words, the chinese lunar calendar of 5th month 5th day is my bday too...yay....

btw Qu Yuan the patriotic poet die on this day abt 1000 yrs ago. hai wad a sad story. when a folly ruler KING CHU3 HUAI2 refused to heed the advices of the wise minister call Qu Yuan, the country of CHU finally got invaded by the country of QIN. Upon hearing the bad news of QIN capturing CHU, Qu Yuan who was prevously banished to some ulu area, jumped into MI4 LUO2 JIANG1 or River Mi Luo (not RIVER MILO..hehe lame hor?) and die.....the nearby villagers respect Qu Yuan alot...then they scared the fishes in the river will feed on quyuan's body, so they prepare alot of food in BAKZHANG form n threw them into the river...hoping that the fishes will eat the BAKZHANG n not eat Qu Yuan's fleshes. The villagers then travel in Dragon boats along the river n threw in the BAKZHANG...

hahah thats the origin of DUAN WU JIE, aka BAKZHANG DAY. hope that helps for dybians in playing QU YUAN FU.....

btw theres sthg i never understand....y the villagers put the food in BAKZHANG form? as if the fishes have scissors n hands to cut open the BAKZHANG...bleah...

xingzhong the bday boy :)

5/30/2006/ 10:27 AM
haha. It's impossible for XZ to get a girlfriend lah. all the girls run away at the sight of him. :( how sad...

Anyway, I hope vincent liked his opening ceremony ytd! haha. I heard from the other gy that he could be heard screaming outside the tby room. haha. how sad. i hope there'll be an encore soon! haha

well, have fun in china!!! haha. (: dyb rocks!!! and LANDUI ROX!!!!

5/27/2006/ 11:08 PM

oi uncle... 16 yrs already leh.. hurry go find yourself a girlfriend la..

5/21/2006/ 9:22 PM
hey everyone!!!!!!!!!....haha...the nice and cute senior is back again...bet lots of ppl missed me ~.~...haha...see i so nice...blogging before i leave for shanghai....

anyway..like what dorea said....wish u all the best in china!!!!!...must work hard for the next few weeks k...and also must have lots and lots of fun when u have the chance to!!!!!..not like me...sniff sniff...so sad i cannot go...must buy nice prezzie for me!!...and also must buy dyb symbols!!!..haha..i remember last time guan cheng they all bought bands for everyone in dyb...and also must listen to your seniors la...haha...shall try to plead for vincent for u guys not to bully him too much...and dun be mean to my dear lydia too!!!!...and also dun try to break curfew ah...haha...and must listen to the tour guide and cannot slp too..though i know it is super hard to do that..haha!!..cos i whole day sleep....*Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

anyway...have a great trip for those going to china!!!....and dun miss me too much k!!!..see you ppl after dhsco trip!!! =)


/ 8:51 PM
its only a few more days before you all are going to china! =D
so everybody jiayou and prepare yourselves for an enriching time! it's gna be a gdgd time to bond with all your fellow dyb-ians and co ppl. arggh im so jealous i wna go overseas with you guys too!
but anyways just in case i forget when it comes nearer, i wna say zhu ni men yi lu shun feng! have a gd trip and i really hope all of you all come back with fantastic memories of dhsco and china trip 06!
since vincent's your fuduizhang must listen to him! hahah =P dun bully him too much altho he's very nice to bully! lol.
btw, i went to see our photobucket, and the pictures all so small! who has the originals of the photos (from long time ago till now) pls send me! thanks! =D

your luvly senior, dorea!

/ 6:08 PM
Let me blog properly. I know everybody missed my posts. Thankyouthankyou.

A picture speaks a thousand words. And a video is made up of many many pictures. So let me present to you a sick but not sick video, fun in the car. Enjoy.

What a wonderful and long post. WOW!

5/20/2006/ 2:47 PM

Okay byebye!

o man dhsco gongyan dvd is out
5/06/2006/ 12:11 PM
hey dhsco gongyan dvd is out....hahah faster go grab ur copy today. its onli $8 comprising of 14 songs or more? hahah. must watch yay....then can learn from our mistakes then improve for china trip hahahah yay...jiayou ppl, btw i left my dvd in sch, i forget to brg home....dono got kena confiscated anot....hai.,....sian....byebye


5/05/2006/ 11:36 PM
haha!!...here comes another nice senior!!...anyway..just wanted to say..daniel powter rawks!!..love his "bad day"!!!!

Shir ^.^

5/04/2006/ 8:36 PM
haha this post is to save cally. so no one will blame her if the blog is stagnant... cos the blog is NOT stagnant! haha see cally u so lucky to have nice senior like me! =D

anyway. ive decided to intro u all to some of the people i'm listening to now. if u all are as jian as me to download songs from limewire or kazaa, can go do a search on them when u run out of songs to download.

1) The Shins
2) Panic! At the Disco
3) Apocalyptica
4) Tim McGraw
5) Beth Orton
6) Declan Galbraith
7) John Johnson
8) Daniel Powter
9) Oasis
10) My Chemical Romance

haha. im very sian. go listen to the shins. sorry if this post has nothing to do with dyb. oh well. XD actually, apocalyptica is a cello rock band. so, this post is not THAT random after all!


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