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All because of someone
3/29/2006/ 8:55 PM

We are being brainwashed by SOMEONE from dyb today. HE/SHE told us alot of gossips today. ALTHOUGH we will not tell anyone about it, our naive minds are still affected. Oh, and, the gossips are about DYB. haha. so we know alot about the people in dyb now. Besides their physical apperance. we know alot moree. Muahaha.


3/17/2006/ 2:15 PM
What to do??? the sec 2 batch this year is lacking. i have to admit that the sec 2s this year are not hardworking enough. as in THE WHOLE OF CO... but we all dyb sec 2 batch very enthu (*nods*). as mayping, hanyin, jiayin and i were on the train towards pasir ris. we were discussing whether or not for the next syf, we will get gold with honours. we are very afraid. coz... the sec 2 batch really REALLY very slack. especially the tby(0ops)... they are seriously slacking. even if we all dyb ppl make an effort to improve, we will still be unable to 'pull' the whole orchestra 'up'... so HOW??? HOW??? how are we going to be confident that we will get gold with honours??? HOW???


scales and chocolates
3/15/2006/ 2:50 PM
"Scales are so fun! Let's play scales!"

"Come come, put your chocolates in here first while we move."

Three days of this. Oh dear.

P.S. Of course, the chocolates won't come back :(

3/10/2006/ 11:44 PM
hey just wanna say a quick something:

to those involved in gongyan 06, jiayou! time is running out and i hope this yr's performance will be a success cuz we sold a hell lot of tickets. cang shan er hai is a very nice song, make full use of your and the song's potential to shine for dyb! we must work hard together! haha yeah even the 05 batch. promise i'll go for as many practices as possible!

as for the paiwei people/year2s, you all better not slack too! and start thinking of dyb cheers and saving more money to buy your seniors flowers and chocolates! haha!!

D! D-Y! D-Y-B!!


3/03/2006/ 10:05 PM
Apparently, whoever who typed the post about the gossip thing wants to remain anonymous la... and lydia is still figuring out who is the paddlepop person... she thinks that it is dorea...

okae... we had fenzu as usual for the sec 2s... although there were no seniors, we still practise hard. amelia and zhiying came halfway... however... zhiying was not of much help because she was having a hard time with hanyin's cello... 0ops... but she did a good job on hanyin's cello la...

we played mang chun and scales... and then... mayping, samuel and i discuss about the melodic and harmonic (should be spelt like that...) scales for the minors... and we had some interesting time... had some tears today however by jiayin... dunno why... mayping told jiayin bout some things then she started crying... haha... all mayping's fault...

lydia came when our fenzu was over and asked "why you all end fenzu huh? i thought end at 5?"

then i said "why you come so late?"

then she replied "i went around singapore blah blah blah and so on..."

so lydia actually missed most of the parts like "fen-ing" us la... lol...

lydia introduced a new code to us which is teabreak... it means ****** la... figure out the word yourself... muahahahaha...


we had a nice time in fenzu like we always does...

ps. vincent STILL owes hanyin and i a ferrero rocher each...


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